About us

Financial Telegram LogoThe Financial Telegram (“FinTelegram”) is a financial intelligence & investors protection service providing up-to-date information about investment opportunities in the online space.

FinTel has a special focus on the new crypto-investment space with its Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), crypto-mining schemes, CRypto-MLM’s, and crypto-assets such as cryptographic tokens and coins.

The FinTelegram mission is

  • to support legitimate investment opportunities and investors
  • protect investors by fighting scams, scammers and fraudulent investment schemes,

FinTel provides two publishing formats

  • short form posts (“telegrams”) with essential information, updates and warnings;
  • long form posts (“reports”) with investigative background information, graphics, and reviews.

The focus of both formats is to fight scams and fraudulent investment schemes efficiently. We work with a network of reporters, contributors, lawyers and auditors to provide thouroughly worked out investigative reports.

One of our goals is to protect investors and traders. To achieve this goal we closely work with law firms, auditors, and authorities in the respective jurisdictions and support them with their investigations.

Announcement for personal reasons:

We are aware that our postings challenge the business models of quite dangerous people out there. We already received threats resp. we were informed that some guys already placed a kill order for people doing investigations around the postings on this website (No, we are not kidding!). In order to protect these people and to enable us to continue our work we decided to uphold our anonymity  for a further period of time and to transfer the domain to a country offshore (quite similiar to some of the shaddy projects we report on :)).

Our blog postings just summarize our findings on some of the projects we investigated, for your convenience we state all source references.  Please do your own due diligence (DYOR) on all the projects we report on and come up on your own opinion. In case we missed something resp. we made a misstatement just get in contact. We will take care.

In case you want us to investigate a project we missed so far or if you want to support our activities pls contact us:

editor [at] fintelegram.com