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Attention – disinfectants do not protect against scammers but crowdsourced intelligence does!

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Monty Python says hello. In an unbelievable press conference on the COVID-19 crisis, US President Donald Trump has again attracted global attention by suggesting the use of disinfectants or the use of light as remedies to fight the coronavirus. It would have been the worst action of the president in his administration, say media and experts. He has thus degraded the COVID-19 crisis with more than 200,000 fatalities worldwide and tens of millions of unemployed to surreal Monty Python comedy. One of Trump’s recipes for success was certainly his way of providing simple (and often wrong) answers to complex questions. This is what distinguishes demagogues. Trump seems to be utterly divorced from reality when it comes to the people he is responsible for as POTUS and a global leader.

Scam Virus – social distancing increases the risk of infection

Governments recommend social distancing as a means of fighting the spread of the coronavirus. This, in turn, leads to isolation of people, home office workers, fragmentation of the economy, and society and thus to an increased risk of infection with the scam virus. Isolated people are a primary target for scammers as we are well aware.

The scams uncovered reveal that there is an above-average number of older people among the victims. Law enforcement agencies have warned in recent weeks about the increased danger of scams in times of the COVID-19 crisis and isolation.

Cleaning agents do not help against social scam virus

Similar to what they did against the coronavirus, disinfectants do not help against the social scam virus. Although the latter causes fewer deaths, it causes severe financial damage, despair, and depression for hundreds of thousands of victims every year. The fatal and society-destroying scam virus cannot be underestimated in its danger in the age of the cybersociety. Unfortunately, the spread of the scam virus is increasing at an unbelievable speed and has developed into a real pandemic.

Crowdsourced information against cybercrime

We must protect ourselves and our fellow citizens and investors against this scammer virus with all our might. This includes victims who disclose their data, whistleblowers who share their information with the public, oversight authorities who act quickly, and, ultimately, efficient law enforcement. Let’s leave the disinfectant in the kitchen and bathroom. Instead, let’s turn to effective remedies such as crowdsourced intelligence and whistleblower systems.

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