Binary Options Fraud – MigFin Boiler Room Celebrations

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Boiler rooms are at the center of the fraudulent broker schemes. It is the employees of these boiler rooms who ensure that retail investors lose their money. They knowingly and willfully lie to these retail investors and promise them unrealistically high returns. For this, they are rewarded with high commissions. While retail investors are desperate to lose their savings, the boiler room agents are celebrating their forays. Boiler Room employees are co-conspirators and perpetrators that must be held accountable.

The video footage shows a celebration of the boiler room employees of the Israeli company MigFin ( MIG G.A. Finance Ltd later renamed into Gtech Media Development Ltd) by Guy Galboiz. The latter was one of the big perpetrators behind the fraudulent Israeli binary options industry between 2013 to 2017. The video was shot in 2015 at the height of binary options fraud. The employees of these boiler rooms received commissions when they took money from small investors by lying. These alleged Israeli binary options fraud cases such as BinaryBook or BigOption are currently before the courts in the U.S. and the EU. We expect further indictments and convictions in the U.S. and EU in 2019.

Guy Galboiz and his MigFin (Gtech) are linked to some of the big illegal and fraudulent binary options schemes like ICoption, AlgoCapitals, NRGbinary or TitanTrades. Many thousands of investors were betrayed by millions of dollars. Guy Galboiz was one of the key players in the fraudulent Israeli Binary Options industry uncovered by Simona Weinglass of the Times of Israel in her sensational article series “The Wolves of Tel Aviv“. The binary options fraud against retail investors from all over the world was facilitated by payment service providers (PSP) such as Payobin, MoneyNetInt or Moneta International were also willing to cooperate and make money laundering possible. Hence, those PSPs are to be regarded as co-conspirators and to be held liable by victims and courts. However, Galboiz and his team also lied and cheated payment services companies and used them to reach their objective.

FinTelegram will report in detail about these Israeli binary options fraud schemes and their payment service providers (PSP) over the next weeks. Stay tuned.

  1. Janne says:

    There are newer websites ruled by this organization, as S2Trade, Toroption, Binary Uno, and Glenmore Investment, Royal Capital, TradeFW and for sure some more. They called themselves Golden Tech with adresses in U.K and Estonia.Used banks in U.K , Hungary , Bulgaria and perhaps a couple of more countries.

    1. Redakteur says:

      Thank you for your information. We already ID’d the Ukraine citizen Yevhenni Zon as the ultimative beneficial owner (ubo) of OmegaOptions.com which was operated via the UK-registered Alpha Capital Ltd and the offshore vehicle Royality Capital Ltd. Also connected with OmegaOptions is (again) Moneta International. Those guys used also Czech and Polish banks for their transactions.

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