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Bruc Bond Case and the Montenegrin Connections

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Until the outbreak of the COVID 19 crisis, the Balkans was a center for Israeli broker scams. The most important center for the operation of illegal boiler rooms was for sure Belgrade, Serbia. Via the lawyers in Belgrade, those scam operators also established mostly illegally operating payment processors in Podgorica, Montenegro. FinTelegram has affidavits from involved lawyers in Belgrade about various illegal Montenegrin payment processors. Among them is the Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO, Binex Podgorica DOO, or Global Payment Solutions Podgorica DOO. Montenegro was a large villain’s nest with many illegal payment processors processing customer funds for Broker Scams.

While Global Payment Solutions Podgorica DOO and Binex Podgorica DOO are directly related to the alleged scammers Gal Barak and his partners Gery “Gabi” Shalon and Vladislav “Vlad” Smirnov, Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO has been controlled by the Israeli Eyal Nachum and/or his FinTech Group around the Lithuanian entities Bruc Bond and International FinTech UAB. He confirms this in several emails which are in the criminal files of the prosecutors.

Binex Group with Vladislav Smirnov and Gery Shalon and Leonid Olshevskyi

Eyal Nachum and his partner Tamir Zoltovksi are also the beneficial owners behind the Lithuanian Bruc Bond UAB (previously known as Moneta International UAB) whose license was revoked by the Bank of Lithuania a few days ago for serious and systematic violations of regulatory requirements and the improper handling of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulations. This can be read in the official statement of the Bank of Lithuania.

Bruc Bond with Hermes Solution of Eyal Nachum

All three mentioned companies have in common that they are involved in the money-laundering scandal of the collapsed Montenegrin Atlas Banka of Dusko Knezevic. They were clients of the bank and are suspected of being involved in the money laundering of Atlas Banka, according to the prosecutors in Montenegro. The authorities believe that more than €500 million of illegal funds were laundered before Atlas Banka collapsed in 2018. This has also been confirmed by the EU authorities in the criminal case against Gal Barak et al.

Dusko Knezevic is wanted by the authorities in Montenegro and has fled into exile to London. He has confirmed by telephone to FinTelegram that he knows the companies mentioned and their operators.

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