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The founders of the US-based startup Centra Tech Inc have been arrested recently because the SEC and the U.S. Attorney’s Office believe that they did a fraudulent ICO. The complaints are based on the following facts:

  • Fake products – the announced crypto-debit card never existed
  • Fake people – some people presented in the White Paper and on the website were a sort of fictional characters only
  • Fake CVs – people associated with the ICO presented fake CVs to potential investors
  • False promises to investors – the publicly presented promises turned out to be a fake
Charli AHO
Charli AHO received his bachelor degree at the age of 17?

Hence, the Centra Tech founders are faced with SEC charges as well as criminal charges from the prosecutor office. And they are in jail at the time of writing these lines. Based on this case, the crypto-industry has got an “official” standard on what is “good behavior” and what is “bad behavior” when it comes to ICO and capital markets.

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Crypto Unity OG Company Register
Crypto Unity OG and Charli AHO are still a team

The Austrian crypto-startup Cointed is an interesting case in point and comparable to Centra Tech. Besides the fact, that its founder Christopher RIEDER is already a suspect in the crypto-crime case OPTIOMENT (read telegrams here) and simply vanished into thin (Asian) air, Cointed has severely misrepresented the company’s situation in its public statements:

  • Management Avatars – the Hong Kong-based holding company Cointed Ltd is allegedly managed by the Cointed “Co-Founders” Aches WONG (General Manager) and Jerry Ng CHIEN (Regional Manager). No CV is presented and no social media account link, nothing but the names and profile pictures. The purported mining subsidiary Swiss Crypto Group AG is managed by a professional trustee, no team is shown on its website, no further information is given but, yes, it’s the world’s largest Ether-Mining thing. Sounds impressive? Well, that’s exactly the intention. Hence, it’s fair to say that the international management team is a sort of “Management Avatars” only.
  • False CVsCharli AHO, another co-founder of Cointed claims to have a bachelor degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. According to his LinkedIn profile (see here), the studied there between 2000 and 2002 – he was 15 years old back then. So he received his bachelor degree with 17 years then? Wow, impressive, right? Either he is a genius or he doesn’t hold the bachelor degree.
  • Fake debit card – ever since October 2017 Cointed announced a crypto-debit card. First, its availability was announced for Q4 2017, was postponed to Q1 2018 and now the availability is Q2 2018. No detailed information is given on the partners, agreements and licenses and it may thus be rightfully doubted that Cointed has the required agreements, contracts and permissions to offer a crypto-debit card at all.
  • Fake mining – Cointed claims to have a product line called “Green Mining” which is at least questionable as one of the founders of Crypto Unity OG insists that “Green Mining” is still a product and brand of Crypto Unity OG.
  • Fake mergers – in its White Paper, Cointed claimed a merger with the mining company Crypto Unity OG. Fact is that Crypto Unity OG has never been merged into Cointed (see screenshot above).

Globe Development GmbH and Daniel ORLOV

Daniil Orlov and the insolvency of Globe Development GmbH//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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Moreover, the former partner General Bytes claims that Cointed infringed its IP rights and is not allowed to offer the ATMs and/or the ATM solution. We reached out to General Bytes recently and they confirmed that they stand to their allegations (read the open letter here).

Daniil ORLOV, another Cointed co-founder, is involved in a bankruptcy case in Austria. He has been shareholder and director of the Austrian company GLOBE Development GmbH which went bankrupt in January 2018. And guess what? Charli AHO also worked for this company according to his LinkedIn profile.

Doesn’t this look even worse than the Centra Tech case in the US? We leave the final judgment to you and the Austrian authorities.

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