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Corona Scam Warning – increased scam activities expected! Be extremely cautious!

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The current corona pandemic has the consequence that many people do not go to the office but work from home. The home office approach is currently also practiced by international corporations. Social contacts should be minimized to prevent further spread. As a result, people are likely to sit in front of their PCs more often without the office environment they are accustomed to, which unfortunately also makes them more accessible to scammers. We have received initial information from whistleblowers that boiler rooms in the Balkans are planning to use the Corona Pandemic and the resulting insecurity of people to increase attacks on investors. We therefore strongly recommend increased caution.

Several whistleblowers have told us in the last few days that the Boiler Rooms are working on new scripts to take advantage of the Corona pandemic panic and the economic uncertainty of the people. These cyber criminals know no scruples and are brutally exploiting the “black swan” event. Be extremely cautious and don’t make any financial deals in case of doubt.

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