Crypto payment company Pradexx offline; connection to Russian Nymeria established

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This report is part of our “European FinTech Ecosphere” series. In it, we want to introduce individual companies and people but also the connections and networks. This is to increase the transparency of the European FinTech scene. The financial industry has traditionally functioned as a network across different regulatory regimes: FinTechs and cyberfinance perfect this borderless and “regulatorless” approach. Our “European FinTech Ecosphere” series aims to provide a path through the dawning European cyberfinance for interested readers.

In recent weeks, we have reported several times about the involvement of Pradexx as a payment facilitator for scams. The licensed Estonian crypto payment processor operates the two brands Pradexx and NextPayWay. While the Pradexx website (www.pradexx.com) has been down for a few days due to security issues, NextPayWay (www.nextpayway.com) is online. A licensed high-risk payment processor with security issues? Interesting, isn’t it? Then we discovered the also FIU-licensed crypto payment processor Nymeria OÜ of the Russian Aleksei Bratashov, which at least until recently was connected to the Pradexx network. While Pradexx is a customer of GlobalNetInt, Nymeria is a client of Wallter, another Lithuanian e-Money Institution. And there is more!

The Russian Nymeria

The company’s sole registered director is Karen Gevorkjan, born in February 1984, who also serves as a director in Pradexx OÜ. Besides, a Pradexx email address is listed in the companies register for Nymeria contact purposes. The beneficial owner of Nymeria OÜ is the Russian Aleksei Bratashov, born in May 1997. From the information available to us, we conclude that Nymeria and Pradexx are or used to be related entities.

Aleksei Bratashov is the beneficial owner of Nymeria

Nymeria Enterprises describes itself on the website www.nymeriatech.com as an IT and software company and the “ultimate development companion for your business. On its website, Nymeria-FX (www.nymeria-fx.com), the company presents itself as a financial services provider offering all kinds of investment-related services for which you typically need a license and/or regulatory permission.

Estonian crypto payment processors love Lithuanian banks. For example, Pradexx and many other FIU-licensed Estonian companies use GlobalNetInt (GNI) as their bank account. GNI is part of the FCA-regulated MoneyNetint (MNI).

Bratashov’s Nymeria has a bank account with the Lithuanian Wallter UAB, an e-money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania with authorization code LB000450 (www.wallter.com).

The Estonian iForex connections

The bank account with Wallter is also used to conduct part of the business with the Cypriot iForex Group. Nymeria provides services to Formula Investment House B.O.S. Ltd where Israeli Offer Efraim Levy is a director. This company is doing the treasury and back-office services for iForex Group. But iForex (a/k/a Vestle) is the subject of another report that has yet to be written.

Offer is also the beneficial owner and director of Estonian crypto payment processor Exchange it Online OÜ d/b/a www.exchangeitonline.com. Even though Levy runs companies in Estonia and Cyprus, he resides in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel, according to KYC documents available to FinTelegram.

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