CyberRating Agency PayRate42 Announced Downgrading of PayDo to Orange Compliance!

PayDo review update
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PayRate42, the leading rating authority for payment processors in the CyberFinance domain, announced the downgrading of high-risk payment processor PayDo to Orange Compliance due to looming compliance issues. PayDo operates under Ecommerce Technologies Ltd, regulated by the FCA, and PayDo Canada Ltd., registered with FinTRAC. FinTelegram recently exposed PayDo and PayOP as payment facilitators for unauthorized online casinos and gambling schemes.

Online Casino Payment Facilitator

Despite its stringent regulation under the FCA, PayDo has come under scrutiny for its association with the offshore crypto online gaming platform Gamdom. This collaboration has been flagged for potential compliance violations, primarily due to Gamdom’s lack of regulatory clearance within the European Economic Area (EEA). PayDo, alongside its partner PayOp, has been identified as instrumental in processing payments for Gamdom, raising questions about the legality and ethicality of such partnerships.

This arrangement with Gamdom is particularly concerning for several reasons. Firstly, it involves facilitating payments for online gaming activities aimed at players in jurisdictions where these operations are not approved.

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Moreover, the structure of transactions—where players purchase Gamdom Coin through PayOp and PayDo to play on the platform—complicates the enforcement of chargeback claims. This complexity introduces a potential risk for players, especially in the crypto environment where such claims are notoriously difficult to process. This issue is exacerbated in the online gaming sector, known for its sensitivity and the high stakes of consumer protection.

The downgrade to an ORANGE rating by PayRate42 reflects serious concerns regarding PayDo’s engagement in unauthorized activities with offshore crypto online gaming platforms.

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