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Dear Marina Barak aka Marina Andreeva! Would you please let us know where the money of your defrauded clients is to be found?

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Marina Barak aka Marina Andreeva
Marina Barak (Andreeva)

You won’t tell us, Marina, will you? In your opinion, the victims of your broker scams like XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, OptionStars or Golden Markets are responsible for their own losses. They should not have invested in the first place you say. And if there are other guilty parties involved, then you surely refer to PandaTS just like your husband Gal Barak. They would have actually handled the “trading” and also the deposits and withdrawals. Then why is your name and signature on all those bank and transfer slips? That said we have to follow the money to recover the money for the defrauded clients of yours.

Follow the money. This is the single most important principle in the prosecution of cybercriminals. You, Marina, and your fellow scammers typically work with many layers of offshore entities and bogus companies. Moreover, you usually employ trustees and nominee directors to officially run your schemes entities. The beneficial owner, principals, and masterminds do hardly appear in commercial registers.

But if we follow the money, we will find beneficial owners, funds and assets. The client-victims’ money mostly ended up on your bank accounts at the Bulgarian investment bank. Managed by you, Marina. You had signing authority on all bank accounts of E&G Bulgaria. In addition, you had the Power of Attorney in the offshore companies to which the money stolen from small investors was transferred. You oversaw and managed everything.

Marina Barak had Power of Attorney with New Markets Consulting Limited

We see your name all over the bank statements, wire instructions, and emails associated with payment transactions. As Chief Financial Officer of your E&G Bulgaria (formerly known as E&G Finance) and the associated group of companies, you managed the finances and organized the money-laundering to Hong Kong and Israel via Investbank, among others. You withdrew large sums of cash from Investbank’s accounts in Sofia, Bulgarian, bribing local politicians, among others. Didn’t you?

Marina Barak aka Marina Andreeva manages GPay bank account with Bulgarian Investbank

After Gal’s arrest, you continued the cybercrime organization in close cooperation with your partners Gery “Gabi” Shalon and Vladislav “Vlad” Smirnov. This is evident, for example, from the many WhatsApp messages seized by law enforcement.

Consequently, Marina Barak, you are to be called a principal of the scheme and as such you are also listed as a suspect in the criminal case by the EU authorities alongside your husband Gal Barak and more than 10 other persons. You are for sure THE key person to uncover at least part of the money stolen from small investors via the Broker Scams. This money should be paid back to the defrauded small investors. We hear that Gal prepares for a prison sentence and is planning for life afterward. With the money, tens of millions of Euros, stolen from your investors.

It is therefore not surprising that Gal’s strategy is to keep you out of prison. You and Gal have already bought some real estate in Bulgaria, we learned. These assets and the remaining funds must be found and seized quickly by the authorities.

FinTelegram will link the many already existing documents to a trace of the money in the coming weeks and will try to find the remaining money with the help of insider information and whistleblowers.

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