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A few days ago the Israeli project DX.Exchange started with the goal of tokeniszing securities trading. The company has given itself a global structure for the regulated trading of blue-chip NASDAQ stocks. To this end, an operating company in Estonia has been set up which obtained two crypto licenses. Furthermore, DX.Exchange cooperates with MPS MarketPlace Securities Ltd, a broker regulated by CySEC in Cyprus. The operators of DX.Exchange are experienced people from the FOREX and Binary Options sector and should, therefore, understand their business. Evidently, the crypto crowd finds the project exciting. Almost 90,000 members have already registered on the Telegram channel.

MPS MarketPlace will hold the stocks on behalf of the token owners and will keep them in segregated accounts and depots as requested by law, according to DX.Exchange CEO Daniel SKOWRONSKI (LinkedIn profile). DX’s offering is compliant with Europe’s Mifid II directive, he claimed in a Bloomberg article.

Tokenzing securities trading is seen as one of the game changers in the financial trading industry and thus may be a killer application for the blockchain. We find the project of tokenizing securities for trading via the blockchain very exciting and are working on a detailed analysis which will appear in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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