EFRI Campaign – NRGbinary, ICoption, TitanTrade and Guy Galboiz

NRGbinary binary options scheme of Guy Galboiz
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FinTelegram has learned in recent days from several victims of the binary options schemes NRGbinary, ICoption, or TitanTrade that they have filed charges with the U.S. FBI and other authorities in different jurisdictional regimes through their attorneys. According to these lawyers, the FBI is actually investigating the case. That would also match The Bureau of Investigative Journalism‘s information. They recently reported that the US authorities are investigating 100 more binary options schemes in addition to Yukom.

The fact is that NRGbinary and its successor schemes ICoption and TitanTrade produced victims all over the world. Some of these victims have lost large sums of money. These victims include wealthy people in North America, the Middle East, Australia, and South Africa. Some of these victims have joined forces and want to act together in a sort of class action.

Read the Reuters Research on NRGbinary, TitanTrade and Guy Galboiz.

In recent years, lawyers from Italy, Israel, Dubai, UK, and other jurisdictions have been involved with these scams. Some of these lawyers have also had direct contact with Guy Galboiz. So far without success.

EFRI is currently taking on the task of developing such a joint fund recovery & legal enforcement campaign for the worldwide victims of these schemes and coordinating them with the various authorities. FinTelegram and EFRI have already been provided by extensive documents from the victims. The EFRI campaign will go online within the next few days.

FinTelegram has agreed to condense its many reports on the individual schemes into an easy-to-read case file. The fact is that the same beneficial owners, boiler rooms and payment service providers appear again and again behind the individual binary options scams. A well-structured case file makes it easier for lawyers, authorities, and the courts to understand the matter and get the big picture. The NRGbinary Case File will be available for download soon here on FinTelegram.

In the past, FinTelegram and EFRI have organized evidence and witnesses and consulted the authorities on this issue.

  1. Kalle Parve says:

    The good thing about hopeful robbers is getting as much as I owe $ 6200 and still making scam calls over the phone and email I also find several recordings seeming to cheat on phone conversations maybe voice recognition could help someone to identify?

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