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Transactworld meets MoneyNetInt Group
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In May 2019 FinTelegram uncovered that the Indian payment processor Paymentz (www.paymentz.com) has facilitated the huge Zoo Broker Scam Network with its services. Paymentz is a part of the Transactworld Group of the Indian brothers Anupam Vassa and Amoolya Vassa. This group also comprises Transactworld Limited, Cyprus, and the FCA-regulated Transactworld Limited. The Transactworld Group has a close and multi-dimensional business relationship with the regulated Lithuanian GlobalNetInt UAB, which has the same beneficial owners as the FCA-regulated MoneyNetInt Ltd (together the “MoneyNetInt Group“).

The European FinTech scene is a closely connected network of regulated and non-regulated companies that cooperate flexibly with each other across regulatory regimes. From a regulatory point of view, this is an almost insoluble task as long as there is no EU financial market supervisory authority with appropriate competencies. FinTelegram’s goal with our European FinTech Ecosphere reports is to shed some light on this system critical ecosphere in the best interest of investor protection.

The Transactworld Group works under the same logo with the right-angled triangle. The individual companies in the various jurisdictions use the logo in conjunction with the respective company name (see Anupam Vassa‘s LinkedIn page).

Let’s start with the UK entity – Transactworld Limited. The group’s UK organization has been registered by the FCA under reference number 900405 as an e-money institution (EMI) since March 2018. The company operates the Transactworld website under the domain www.transactworld.co.uk and works with several agents:

FCA-regulated Transactworld Limited is a client of the Lithuanian regulated GlobalNetint UAB. Here is the first handshake. The non-regulated Cypriot Transactworld Limited operates the website www.transactworld.com and has been working as an authorized agent (intermediary) for the regulated Lithuanian GlobalNetint UAB since June 2019. that’s the second handshake between these two regulated groups.

The unregulated Indian Paymentz Gateway Solutions Pvt. Ltd. operates its website with the triangle log under the domain www.paymentz.com. All three websites are basically more or less identical. We like the jumping points at the beginning while waiting for the site to load.

GlobalNetint and MoneyNetint

The MoneyNetInt Group has a long and rather impressive track record of facilitating scams with its payment services. The group’s growth was certainly fueled by the fraudulent Israeli binary options industry that like COVID-19 spread across the planet and found hundreds of thousands of victims. The group’s main entity is the UK-registered MoneyNetInt Ltd (www.moneynetint.co.uk and www.moneynetint.com) which has been an FCA-regulated entity since Nov 2014 and became an authorized EMI with Reference No 900190 in May 2018.

GlobalNetInt (GNI), doing business under the domain www.globalalnetint.com, is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania with the authorization code LB000434. It is the other regulated entity of the MoneyNetInt Group of the Trif Family and Raphael Golan. The information available suggests that GNI is the most important payment hub in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe for a number of other regulated and unregulated payment processors from the high-risk and dark web segment. Customers like Anil Uzun and his group of companies in the gambling and betting range are important customers of the GNI, like the FCA-regulated Financial House Ltd or La Orange Limited d/b/a Jeton and www.jeton.com.

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