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EuroPrime and F1Markets – Tel Aviv-based broker network licensed in Cyprus

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EuroPrime is a trading style of F1Markets Ltd. licensed in Cyprus with CIF license number 267/15 and we have recently portrayed F1Markets on FinTelegram. However, the beneficial owners of F1Markets, as well as, key operating units are located in Israel. In fact, many of the investment companies registered and licensed in Cyprus are Israeli dominated. According to involved lawyers, CySEC has a long tradition of a rather “relaxed regulatory approach” as the Italian market supervisory authority CONSOB implicitly stated in the case of Rodeler Limited:

The measure was  necessary after Rodeler Limited has been reiterating its infringements of the regulations in force in spite of the directions of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec, the Cypriot national Authority for the supervision of financial markets) issued in compliance with the reports sent by Consob to the CySec itself.

CONSOB press release December 23, 2019

The EuroPrime people of F1Markets have an office on the 9th floor in the Ha Shahar Tower, a skyscraper located in Givatayim near the border with Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv. They direct their offering primarily to Arab clients which is why the domain is ranked in the top 20,000 in the United Arab Emirates. The Israeli Elad Levy is the manager of this office and 24Option founder Roey Hayun is reported to visit the office visit from time to time. According to an insider, EuroPrime generates $2-3 million deposits per month from its investors.

EuroPrime ( is one of In addition to EuroPrime, F1Markets has also registered the domains, and with CySEC.

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