Exposed! More Information About Alleged Money Laundering Scheme And Its Austrian Crypto Entity!

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HBDIG Technologies GmbH was established in 2020 at the registered office in Seilerstaette 24 in Vienna. This is the address where one of the leading Austrian crypto law firms, Stadler Voelkel, has its offices. And the Austrian crypto non-profit Bitcoin Austria. The Spanish citizen Erik Aaron Lara Riveros, a Barcelona resident, established the company, which has no website. Nevertheless, the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) has approved a crypto registration. This company was sold to the alleged money launderer Moises Fernandez (report here).

The Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

The two Spanish nationals, Moises Fernandez and Erik Aaron Lara Riveros are said to have built up a money laundering network over the last few years via various companies in Europe, Singapore, and Dubai. Among them is HBDIG Technologies GmbH, an Austrian crypto company authorized by the FMA, which was founded by Riveros in 2020 and later handed over to Fernandez.

The company, as a service provider for crypto and digital currencies, apparently does not even have a website, which is indeed strange. Moreover, it seems that the company evidently doesn’t have operating offices.

Erik Aaron Lara Riveros and his partner Moises Fernandez
Erik Aaron Lara Riveros and his partner Moises Fernandez

According to the information available to us, the residential address in Barcelona given by Erik Aaron Lara Riveros to the Austrian Companies Register is that of his mother. Allegedly, he has impressive debts in Spain. FinTelegram has a report from a private detective agency showing that Riveros owes money to landlords and others in Spain. Reports say he has separated from his wife.

Most recently, we have learned that he is also a board member of the Maltese football club FC Valetta.

In parallel with his Austrian crypto company, Erik Aaron Lara Riveros founded CPay Finance Ltd in December 2022 with a share capital of GBP 2. We can infer from the company’s name that it will be used for payment & finance Services.

Key Data

Trading namesAexon
Jade Capital
Business activityHigh-risk payment processor
Domainswww.aexon.online vanished
Legal entitiesAexon PTE. Limited (Singapore)
Aexon (PTE) Limited (UK) old
HBPay Ltd
HBDIG Technologies GmbH
CPay Financial Ltd
Related individualsMoises Fernandez a/k/a Moises Fernandez Barea
Marina Del Valle Rojas Escalona
Howard Jan Kooger
Erik Aaron Lara Riveros (LinkedIn)
AuthorizationSingapore MAS granted an exemption from holding a license
(expired in Jan 2022)
Related entitiesJade Pegasus Ventures Ltd (UK)
Jade Capital Financial Advisory Services (UAE)
Jade Management Co (UAE)
Linovative Fund (CEIC) Limited
Resina Consulting FZ LLC

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