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Financial Regulators warn against alleged OneCoin spin-off EXW Wallet

In recent months, a new Crypto-MLM system has announced the next revolution. Once again a new system is supposed to be the answer to all problems of the financial system. EXW Wallet operated by people Austria and Italy which allegedly used to work for the notorious OneCoin scheme. There have been Nexus Global, USI Tech, ArbitraCoin or OmegaPro. Just to name a few. In recent weeks, the financial market supervisory authorities of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein have warned against EXW operator EXW Global AG. Meanwhile the scheme has replaced the operator with the Estonian Vivaexchange OÖ.

Another crypto MLM scheme, another warning many people will most certainly ignore. Nothing new around the EXW scheme, right? Well, the really special thing about EXW scam, however, is the fight with the German Gerlach Report. This report is known for its often brutal reports that go beyond the pain threshold. Aggressive titles and bold letters are used regularly against scams and people. Often libel charges and threats follow. The fact is that one can find the approach of the Gerlach Report disgusting, but very often the reports are correct.

In the case of the EXW Wallet scheme, the Gerlach Report apparently shoots particularly sharply. It turns out that this Crypto-MLM-Scam is a spin-off of OneCoin and is made by former OneCoin people. The frontmen Benjamin Herzog and Manuel Batista would merely give OneCoin a new facade. The fact is that behind EXW are well-known MLM people like Manuel Batista or Pirmin Trogger. According to Gerlach Report, the EXW people started DDOS attacks in response to the critical reports and made the website partially inaccessible. One would have filed a complaint against the EXW people with the public prosecutor in Klagenfurt.

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