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FinTech Review – PayPal challenger Caspero offline and BigWallet remains silent for good! What about Brüc Bond?

FinTelegram has recently published reviews of the promising FinTechs BigWallet and Caspero after our people have been working on these (and other) FinTechs for weeks. Read the Caspero Review here and the BigWallet Review here. Things with these heavily-promoted FinTechs are not getting better, it turns out. Where are their millions of customers they claimed to have on their websites?

Within just a couple of hours after our review of the FinTech Zombie (oh, yes, their lawyers will argue that this is not a review but plain defamation but it is not given the facts!) Caspero of the Israeli Eyal Nachum and his International Fintech UAB, the site has now gone completely offline (see featured screenshot above). Apparently the management of International Fintech is more concerned with FinTelegram than with its own business and websites and may have only found out through the FinTelegram Review that their page has not been working for weeks (months/years?). Strange, isn’t it?

The good news for Caspero and International Fintech at this point is that the competitors are no better. The self-proclaimed provider of online banking, BigWallet also registered and licensed in Lithuania (see review here), has also not managed to complete our registration and/or verification attempts on the various websites. Good morning to you guys too with BigWallet!

BigWallet SimilarWeb Ranking
BigWallet’s SimilarWeb ranking shows “Zombie Status”

FinTechs like International Fintech, Caspero, BigWallet or BigWallet Payments are apparently not really interested in acquiring customers online at all. Their business model seems to be completely different. How? We will provide a detailed answer to this question shortly.

And maybe, just maybe, the Lithuanian regulator should eventually take a closer look at these companies’ business models. The question here is – what about Brüc Bond, the other licensed Lithuanian e-Money Institution and new self-proclaimed FinTech star of Eyal Nachum and his team.

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