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Promoting the Rule of Law – FinTelegram becomes part of the global UNODOC ‘Education 4 Justice’ Initiative

Since its foundation almost 2 years ago, FinTelegram has chosen the fight against scams and cybercrime as well as the protection of investors as its mission. For this purpose, FinTelegram tries to educate investors and consumers with background reports, graphs and warnings. To fight crime and is also the goal of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODOC) and its Education 4 Justice (E4J) initiative which is part of the so-called Doha Declaration.

At the conclusion of the 13th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice held in Qatar, the Doha Declaration was adopted. Calling for the integration of crime prevention and criminal justice into the wider agenda of the United Nations, and endorsed by the General Assembly, the Doha Declaration has at its centre the understanding that the rule of law and sustainable development are interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

To put the Doha Declaration into reality, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – with the financial support of the State of Qatar – launched an ambitious Global Programme aimed at helping countries achieve a positive and sustainable impact on crime prevention, criminal justice, corruption prevention, and the rule of law.

UN Doha Declaration

Promoting the rule of law

The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative seeks to prevent crime and promote a culture of lawfulness through education activities designed for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. This should happen through courses and educational measures.

Since yesterday FinTelegram is also a proud member of the UNODOC E4J initiative with a special focus on cybercrime. The UNODOC has accepted our respective applications.

FinTel education to fight scams and cybercrime

As UNODOC E4J member, FinTelegram, together with the European Funds Recovery Initiate (EFRI), will focus increasingly on the training and education of investors in the fight against scams and cybercrime in 2020. Also in the form of events and courses. We are delighted to be able to participate in this UNODOC initiative und help to promote the rule of law in cyberspace.

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