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First Post-COVID-19 Soft Rebooting in Europe ante portas

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After almost 4 weeks after the official outbreak of the COVID 19 crisis in Europe and the switch to a governmental, social and economic emergency operation, the rebooting is about to begin in the week from April 14, 2020. After the shutdown of the economy, the first shops will reopen in many countries in the EU. The number of infected but recovered COVID-19 patients already exceeds the number of newly infected patients in some countries, such as Austria. The number of newly infected persons is decreasing. The capacity of the beds in the intensive care units is sufficient in Austria and Germany.

It looks like after Easter the rebooting of the economy will start. Still with restrictions such as carrying masks in public places and in shops or social distancing. Schools and universities in most EU countries remain closed. The freedom to travel will remain restricted for the foreseeable future. Aircraft still remain grounded for weeks to come. But it is a beginning. Hopefully a new beginning of a more sustainable, human and environmentally friendly economy.

Let’s reboot our planet with the cybersociety operating system.

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