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Who is Dr. Stephan WELK? That’s a good question with many answers depending on who you ask and which source you turn to. We did some research over the last couple of weeks and found some interesting facts. Actually, we know that Stephan WELK joined the crypto-investment scene and is one of the actors of NEXUS GLOBAL, a German Crypto-MLM venture with the ambition to establish the best and largest ever global crypto-investment scheme. WELK’s participation actually beefs up the whole story and, additionally, provides some links into the German right wing scene. So, who then is Dr. Stephan WELK? Here are some answers:

Answer #1: An African Diplomat and Lobbyist

According to Wikipedia, “Stephan WELK is a German business economist and diplomat. He has been in the Diplomatic Service of African countries such as São Tomé and Príncipe since 2015 and Central African Republic since 7 February 2018.”

It’s a nicely crafted wikipedia entry that significantly helps to build reputation, doesn’t it? Maybe we should update the entry with the NEXUS GLOBAL venture and the right wing media connections (read below)?

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Answer #2. A Real-Estate Pyramide Scheme Operator

Stephan WELK used to work as a board member for the German real-estate company Zeder und Euro AG. Stiftung Warentest, the leading German consumer organization involved in investigating and comparing goods and services, reported that Stephan WELK has been arrested because of an alleged real estate Ponzi scheme back in 2000 (read report here).

Stephan WELK and Zeder AG made it into Stiftung Warentest warning
Another German newspaper reported that German authorities suspected that Zeder AG and its board members are involved not only into a real-estate pyramide system but also in some corruption cases around non-profit organizations (read here). This was a long time ago and it obviously had a good end for Stephan WELK.

Answer #3: A Right Wing Online-Media Investor

Der Derfflinger and Stephan Welk
“Der Derfflinger” a far-right political media outlet is said to be part of the Depeschen network

The German media magazine “journalist” reports that Stephan WELK is one of the shareholders of the German Aduno Beratungsagentur GmbH which holds the majority of Popularen Network GmbH, Berlin/Germany (read report here). The latter runs a chain of online media sites (so called “Depeschen”) with fake journalists and a far-right wing political mission. These Depeschen online outlets have been accused of fake news to influence local politics and promote selected (related/sponsoring) businesses. Furthermore, it is said that the Depeschen sites support the far-right politics and even Neonazis. According to the journalist, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution investigates the legitimacy of the Depeschen group. An informative reading on the Depeschen group can be found here. The group obviously changes the imprint quite frequently. WELK’s partner in the Aduno Beratungsagentur GmbH, Kai DOMSGEN, is another interesting guy who is closely connected with some failed investment schemes. WELK and DOMSGEN are both diplomats of the African São Tomé und Príncipe. Seems to be an interesting country, right?

Given the relationship between Stephan WELK and the Depeschen group it comes as now surprise that nice articles are published on him. Read one here in Saar Depesche, here in Sachsen Depesche, or here in the Hessen Depesche. The engagement with the Depeschen group definitely has some nice benefits when it comes to media coverage.

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Answer #4: A NEXUS GLOBAL Actor

If you ask NEXUS GLOBAL people you will learn that Stephan WELK is part of the Crypto-MLM’s core team and responsible for the Bitcoin and cash logistics. Actually, Stephan WELK engages his diplomatic network to arrange payment logistics and bitcoin exchange transactions.

NEXUS GLOBAL is a German venture with the 3 German guys Christian Michel SCHEIBENER, Michael THOMALE, and Stephan WELK in the schemes’ cockpit. There is still the connection to the UK-based VELTYCO group whose subsidiary Varkasso provides the 8Crypt technology and services for the schemes payment and clearing services. VELTYCO itself is a German venture too, with the German gaming and gambling entrepreneur Uwe LENHOFF as large shareholder, business developer and former board member. VELTYCO’s project has been heavily promoted by the WELK’s Depeschen network to convince investors to invest into’s ICO (read this article written by Robin Classen, a member of Germany’s right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party).

Moreover, GLOBAL NEXUS still explains in its brochures and postings that it will invest into VELTYCO’s ICO. The crypto-schemes official headquarter is located in Hong Kong but the people are mostly sitting in Germany. From what we learned from our whistleblowers Dubai is an important hub for the operation of the scheme.

We really like to welcome you at NEXUS Global. We are acting worldwide on every continent. We are really looking forward to work with you! [sic] (Source: Facebook)

Undoubtedly, Stephan WELK is a well-connected man with many talents and diplomatic immunity. He obviously seems to expand his diplomatic activities into crypto to establish as NEXUS GLOBAL as a global scheme brand.

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