GlobalNetInt, Converta, and the StoxMarket connection

Converta and Mordechay Litke
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The Romanian CONVERTA DIGITAL MARKET S.R.L. (CONVERTA) is an authorized agent working for the Lithuanian EMI GlobalNetInt UAB (GNI), which the Bank of Lithuania regulates with the authorization code LB000434. CONVERTA has its registered office in Bucharest. There is nothing special about the Romanian payment processor except one former beneficial owner: at the time of the conclusion of the agent agreement with GNI, the Israeli Mordechay Litke was (or maybe still is) one of them. And he was one of the scammers behind StoxMarket et al.

According to public records provided by the Bank of Lithuania, CONVERTA (www.converta.eu) has been an agent of GNI since September 23, 2019. The required KYC checks back then presented the Israeli Mordechay Litke as one of the beneficial owners of CONVERTA.

FinTelegram has reported on the huge StoxMarket broker scam that fraudulently offered binary options at the time (see reports here) as of April 2019. Back in May 2019, we indicated Mordechay Litke and his partner Chaim Elezar Bornstein as the beneficial owners behind the scam-running firms. We obtained this information from a data leak from Bruc Bond (formerly Moneta International), which was licensed in Lithuanian back then. In the meantime, Bruc Bond lost its license due to systematic violations of compliance rules and money laundering (read report here).

Surprisingly, GNI accepted CONVERTA as an agent in September 2019 despite the publicly available information about Litke’s criminal past. According to FinTelegram’s further reports, Litke had to give up his shares in CONVERTA, at least officially. Nevertheless, CONVERTA continues to work as an agent of GNI to this day.

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The good news for the thousands of injured parties of StoxMarket is that we have another lead on Mordechay Litke and his assets. We will continue to pursue this and hope that together with the European Fund Recovery Initiative (EFRI), we can recover the stolen money.

If you have any information about Mordechay Litke, Chaim Elezar Bornstein, CONVERTA, or GNI, we would appreciate it if you could share it with us.

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