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Investment Scams Victim Poll – Please participate to improve Investor Protection

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Since the beginning of 2018, the Fintelegram News team has been collecting data on cybercrime, its perpetrators and victims together with colleagues from the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI). Thanks to the intensive cooperation of whistleblowers and victims, we have been able to uncover numerous scams and support authorities with targeted information. But we want to achieve more. In the interests of efficient investor protection, we want to know more and will conduct more surveys and votes.

Today we are starting with the first Investment Scam Victim Poll and will ask victims about the circumstances and framework of the fraud. How did the contact with the scammers come about? What role do review and rating sites play in scam prevention? How satisfied are you with the police and authorities?

The 10 questions of the Investment Scams Victim Poll should be a further step to avoid and clear up scams. Following the polls, the participants receive the status of the results so far.

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