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Investor Alert – Be Aware of Crypto Scams – FCA warns against CryptoTrader Options and OneCryptoTrade

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Bitcoin (BTC) and with it most of the Altcoins have massively won against stocks and other assets in the last weeks of the COVID-19 crisis. In the last 48 hours, the BTC has gained up to 20%. Even if the bull run lost some momentum over the last couple of hours, Crypto is currently in demand among investors.

In recent days, the number of warnings against crypto-schemes by financial market regulators has increased noticeably. Most recently, the UK Financial Market Authority (FCA) has warned against the two schemes CryptoTraderOptions and OneCryptoTrade. While the website of the latter is already down, you can still register on CryptoTraderOption ( However, we would strongly advise against it. The website is an obvious scam with fictitious reference customers and three names of alleged team members without description, references, or social media links.

We have to assume that in view of the current bull run of the cryptocurrencies, more and more crypto scams will pop up again. In this respect, the scam networks are super flexible and fast. We, therefore, recommend increased caution in all crypto transactions.

Report Scams

If you have information about a scam or are a victim, please share your information with FinTelegram through our Whistleblower System.

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