Investor Alert – GlareMarkets broker scam facilitated by Estonian mercuryo and finanic

investor warning glaremarkets scam facilitated by finanic and mercuryo
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Following our report on the e scam campaigns on the Invest and Trade fake comparison site connected with the listed and CySEC-regulated The NAGA Group (see report here), they have disappeared. For now. Instead, today, we found Bitcoin Prime on the site Work and Hire Best (www.workandhirebest.com). Anyone registering with Bitcoin Prime today is automatically registered as a customer with the broker scam GlareMarkets (www.glaremarkets.com) and immediately taken to its payment page. There we find once again the licensed Estonian finanic and mercuryo as the scam-facilitating payment processors.

GlareMarkets scam facilitated by finanic and mercuryo

The GlareMarkets scam offers deposits via credit and debit cards. In fact, using credit and debit cards, one must then purchase Bitcoins (BTC) via finanic (www.finanic.io) and mercuryo (www.mercuryo.io), which are automatically transferred to the scammers. So it is actually a deposit in cryptocurrencies whereby Finanic OÜ d/b/a finanic combined with Estonian MoneySwap OÜ d/b/a mercuryo (www.mercuryo.io) does the following conversion between FIAT and Crypto.

In our simulation of a €250 deposit, we were first taken to the finanic page and had to confirm the exchange from FIAT to BTC. By clicking on “confirm,” we were taken to the mercuryo page (https://pay.mercuryo.io/pay/), where we could complete the purchase with a credit card. It seems that finanic and mercuryo cooperate very closely via API to launder the money for the scammers.

Stay far away from all brokers and financial service providers that work with fraudulent campaigns like Bitcoin Prime. You will lose not only your money but also your data to scammers.

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