Investor Alert – Ukrainian racket launched EuroCoinix broker scam

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Whistleblower Credits: We would like to thank our whistleblowers for their reports and insights, which help us expose scammers and their payment processors. Together we can make a difference in cyberspace. Together we are an invincible force.

A few weeks ago, we requested information about a scam racket around BitStarMarkets, QuantBitex, and Cryptomatex. According to our information, this is operated by a Ukrainian-Bulgarian team in Ukraine. This racket has started a new scam with EuroCoinix (www.eurocoinix.com, which mainly wants to attack German-speaking victims. We have received evidence that at least these four scams are operated by the same team in Ukraine. Stay far away from these scams. You will save yourself from losing your money and having your data stolen.

The BitStarMarketswebsite (www.bitstarmarkets.com) is already offline and gone. Quantbitex (www.quantbitex.com) is still online and has a 2.8-star rating and thus an “average” trust level on Trustpilot. However, the broker received some 1-star scam reviews recently and evidently is on its way down. Cryptomatex (www.cryptomatex.com) still holds on to a 4.0 rating and a “Great” trust level, even though some cautionary reviews have recently been read. From the information shared with us by an insider, these three illegally acting brokers are scams. EuroCoinix is the next in line to defraud consumers in Europe.

The Masterminds

Denis Kolev AnatolievDeputy CEO and Head of Boiler roomsBulgaria, ID 3357718138
Nikita Maximov MikhailovichDeputy COO and PartnerUkraine, ID 3506713611
Angel Blagovestov DobrevDeputy Boiler rooms managerBulgaria, ID 9005186580

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