Maxigrid Group Legacy – Australian AGM Markets and EuropeFX

Maxigrid with Maxiflex and the Australian EuropeFX case
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He is certainly a wanted man. Agents in different countries are searching hard for Yossi Herzog and his co-conspirators. There is still a need to solve the binary options scams. Lee Elbaz, the former CEO of his Yukom scheme, has been sentenced in the U.S. to 22 years in prison and $28 million in restitution payments. While Herzog is on the run, his Australian activities around AGM Markets with Yossi Ashkenazi are also coming before the courts. And the trail leads to Cyprus to the Maxigrid Ltd of Roy Almagor and his Maxiflex Ltd with EuropeFX. Both companies are CySEC-regulated CIFs and have an Australien legacy.

On 16 October 2020, the Federal Court of Australia ordered that AGM Markets Pty Ltd, OT Markets Pty Ltd, and Ozifin Tech Pty Ltd pay a total of $75 million in pecuniary penalties. AGM Markets has been ordered to pay $35 million, while OT Markets and Ozifin have each been ordered to pay $20 million. AGM Markets was an ASIC licensed broker offering Binary Options trading primarily under the brand AlphaBinary. Additionally, AGM Markets provided the license to Corp Destination and OT Markets Tech and Ozifin to operate other binary options scams such as TraderQ, iTrader Global, OTCapital, or Trade Financial.

The aforementioned binary options scam operators were clients of John Karantzis‘ Australian FinTech iSignthis. Most recently, ASIC filed a lawsuit against iSignthis for contracts related to the aforementioned companies. In this regard, read the FinTelegram report here.

In his report on Finance Feeds, Andrew Saks claims that Yossi Ashkenazi is still a principal at Maxigrid Ltd (former AGM Markets Ltd). Ashkenazi was banned from the financial market by ASIC for 8 years.

In Australia, EuropeFX, operated by Maxi EFX Global AU Pty Ltd with the domain www.europefx.com.au, had to close due to the insolvency of the partner. In Europe, EuropeFX is still operated by CySEC-regulated Maxiflex Ltd with the domain www.europefx.com.

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