Moises Fernandez Barea Facing Problems In Switzerland

MOISES FERNANDEZ BAREA redacted passport
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Moises Fernandez, a Spanish national residing in Dubai, is not just involved in Dubai-based Jade Management Co. He has a network of companies in different parts of the world. Up to early 2022, he was involved in Aexon, a Singapore payment processor, which vanished as soon as the media asked questions. Fintelegram and other independent media exposed the dodgy transactions of his Jade Management Co (known as Jade Capital UAE), Swiss Simnati Consulting Group SA, and the Austrian HBDIG Technologies GmbH.

Moises Fernandez is trying to carry out business in Switzerland by setting up Luxan Capital SA in Zurich. This new venture includes Patrick Laurent Piras Cardona, Alejandro de Villalonga Cabarrocas, and Oscar Arroyo Martin. They all use a Spanish passport. The company that provided the domicile contract to Luxan Capital SA in Switzerland has resigned. The registry in Switzerland has been informed, and a report has been filed with FINMA.

Moises Fernandez Barea has been doing business in Switzerland through Simnati Consulting SA, together with Howard Jan Kooger. Credit Suisse also offered a bank account for Juicyfields on behalf of Simnati Consulting Group SA. JuicyFields was a huge scandal considered a massive online medical cannabis scam. The scam duped thousands of victims. In reply to Fintelegram, a spokesperson for Credit Suisse confirmed that whenever Credit Suisse finds signs of misuse of an account for illicit activities, action is taken in line with applicable policies and regulatory requirements.

The network of companies where Moises Fernandez is involved includes UK firms, Transpeninsular Trading Ltd (Co number 11675389), HBPay Ltd (Co number 13570657), and Lion Management Group Ltd (Co number 11568791). In the latter, he is a shareholder with Mexican Mauricio Trevino Zambrano, who claims to live in Geneva. Transpeninsular Trading Ltd, which has now been dissolved, included Mexican Jorge Pavel Hernandez Zarate and Russian Arawat Sabejew.

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