Breaking News – Moorwand Director Robert Courtneidge resigns!

Robert Courtneidge resigns from Moorwand
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Normally, the resignation of a director is not “breaking news”. In the case of Robert Courtneidge, however, it is. Just a few weeks ago Courtneidge resigned from the FCA-licensed e-money institution ePayments Systems Ltd. Shortly after the FCA opened investigations into possible money-laundering violations (see FinTelegram report here). ePayments Systems had to suspend its activities until further notice. Courtneidge was also involved in the collapse of the Danish KBH Andelskasse. The Danish public prosecutor’s office is also taking action against KBH Andelskasse on suspicion of money laundering of several hundred million euros. Moorwand allegedly was massively involved in this.

A few days ago, FinTelegram reported on Courtneidge’s involvement in the Cypriot Anabus Investment scam (see FinTelegram report here). The documents available to FinTelegram allege that Courtneidge, who is also licensed as a solicitor in the UK, issued false confirmations and thus made the scam possible.

The resignation of Courtneidge as director of Moorwand is a good sign. Another important signal that the FCA takes its supervisory and control duties seriously.

What role does the Moldavian-born Brit Wael Almaree play? He was the partner of Robert Courtneidge for many years and was also massively involved in Moorwand. We have already received a great deal of information from whistleblowers in this regard and are working on a corresponding report. We would be grateful for any further useful information. Please provide us with information anonymously via our whistleblower system.

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