Notorious High-Risk Payment Veteran Ruchi Rathor And Her Remarkable Twitter Statements!

Indian-British payment veteran Ruchi Rathor
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Notorious Indian payment veteran Ruchi Rathor has raised a dark empire of high-risk payment processors over the past few decades. In the process, payment processors like iPayTotal regularly disappear with their merchants’ money. Most recently, there was a verbal battle on LinkedIn between Rathor’s Paypound and a merchant who felt cheated (report here). Now, for the first time, Ruchi Rathor has made public statements on Twitter, indirectly confirming the allegations.

Specifically, Ruchi Rathor addressed the cyber rating agency PayRate42 in seven tweets, complaining about defaming reporting and “black rating” of her companies. In particular, she was angry about the rating of about her new venture Pay Agency (read our merchant alert here). In doing so, she has been honored by being called infamous and a veteran. She outlined that she has been running her shady business (and ripping off merchants) for decades. Many of the readers of the tweets or PayRate42 reports would not even have been born at the beginning of her career.

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