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Blocklancer ICO Successfully Completed

According to the latest market statistics nearly half of all Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) miss their targets and fail to attract investors and their cryptocurrencies.…

Cointed Involvement in Optioment Scam?

The Austrian derStandard reported that the Vienna law firm Lansky filed a complaint to the Austrian prosecutor claiming the the founder and CEO of Cointed…

Crypto42 Summit Vienna 2018

Online-Investors and Crypto-Traders should be aware of an important upcoming event – the Crypto42 Summit 2018 in Vienna. The summit dealt with all the different…

Telegram ICO: Fake Website Scam Targets Investors

Amid Telegram’s multibillion-dollar ICO, a newly-created pishing website hosted by the “Telegram Foundation” is seeking funds for what it calls the “public ICO” for the…

Hello Crypto-Traders

Welcome to our new FinTelegram, made for you! OUr goal is to inform crypto-traders about the latest news and rumours around crypto-assets and crypto-exchanges.

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