People Radar: Introducing Nominee Director Karen Gevorkjan And His Crypto Jobs!

Karen Gevorkjan and his crypto jobs at Pradexx Nymeria and MoneySwap
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One of the conditions for getting a crypto license in Estonia is that the Estonian company has at least one local director. One of these nominee directors acting for several licensed crypto companies is Karen Gevorkjan. He is currently working for Mercuryo Group. He previously served as a director of the then-licensed Pradexx and Nymeria. However, the Estonian licenses of all these companies have been archived or revoked. Pradexx had a reputation as a scam facilitator.

The Mercuryo Job

The crypto payment processor Mercuryo (Mercuryo.io) operates to this day through the Estonia-registered MoneySwap OÜ, where Karen Gevorkjan is the sole director. The company’s beneficial owner is Mercuryo co-founder and CEO Petr Kozyakov, a Russian national. Mercuryo has had its crypto license revoked by FIU Estonia due to problems with money laundering laws and an unclear ownership structure.

Gevorkjan is also registered as the sole director of Lithuania’s MoneyAmber UAB (company register data), registered with the Lithuanian FNTT as a crypto provider.

The Russian Nymeria

Aleksei Bratashov is the beneficial owner of Nymeria

At the time of Gaverkjan’s tenure at Nymeria OÜ, the Russian national Aleksei Bratashov, born in May 1997, was the beneficial owner (redacted passport pictured left).

The crypto license of Nymeria was archived on 27 Mail 2021. As of this date, Gaverkjan has resigned as a director and was replaced by Tony Tsilk, a director in other crypto companies. In May 2022, the beneficial owners of Nymeria changed. Currently, J. Guadalupe Cabrera Macedo is registered as the beneficial owner.

The Scam-Facilitating Pradexx

Pradexx was the operator of the two crypto payment sites Pradexx.com and NextPayWay.com. Both websites are now offline.

The crypto license of Pradexx OÜ was archived in November 2022. Previously, FinTelegram reported that Pradexx was discovered as a payment processor in online trading scams such as iTradeFX, RoyalGTX, or FmiAtlas. At the time, Karen Gevorkjan served as a director of Pradexx.

According to information available to FinTelegram, Pradexx, and Nymeria voluntarily surrendered their licenses during the FIU’s review. Insiders know that this voluntariness is not one.

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