Question: Who Introduced Payvision Founder Rudolf Booker to Cybercrime Mastermind Uwe Lenhoff?

Rudolf Booker explains that Dirk-Jan Bakker introduces him to Uwe Lenhoff
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We have decided to reopen the (cold) cybercrime case Veltyco. The Veltyco Group, which was floated on the stock exchange by the German Uwe Lenhoff, who died in prison, and his Dutch partner Dirk-Jan Bakker by way of a reverse takeover, was certainly one of the largest cybercrime organizations in Europe at the time of Lenhoff’s arrest, having harmed tens of thousands of victims with its affiliated schemes. The role of Rudolf Booker and his Payvision is also of crucial importance.

The Amsterdam-based payment processor Payvison laundered millions of dollars for the scams of Lenhoff and his Veltyco Group. Payvision was taken over by ING in 2018 and has since been dissolved by ING in light of the shady dealings. Court documents show that Payvision founder and CEO Rudolf Booker personally ensured that Lenhoff’s cybercrime organization was able to launder the funds via Payvision. Booker was also privately associated with Lenhoff and was a guest at his birthday party, for example. But how did Lenhoff and Booker find each other?

According to a written statement by Rudolf Booker, Lenhoff’s partner Dirk-Jan Bakker introduced them to each other. Above, you can see a screenshot of Booker’s statement to the responsible law enforcement unit. According to Booker, Bakker was very well informed about Lenhoff’s activities and his online trading scams. Therefore, he says that “Mr. Bakker felt that Payvision could potentially meet the needs of trading platforms.

This is in the criminal file. Booker comes from a prestigious family. His stepfather is the billionaire Frits Goldschmedig, who made his money in real estate. Booker collected hundreds of millions of euros when he sold his Payvision to ING and led a good life. Payvision and ING, on the other hand, are facing lawsuits from victims of the scams who made their payments via Payvision.

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