Regulated Israeli Broker Leverate connected with PumaTS and vast scam broker network

Leverate and PumaTS and their scam broker network
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FinTelegram Investitions over the last couple of weeks exposed a vast network of broker scams and illegal boiler rooms around the white label platform provider PumaTS who works and is connected with Leverate. The Leverate brand is operated by Leverate Financial Services Ltd, a company licensed by CySEC in Cyprus as an investment firm with the license no 160/11. The Israelis Ran Strauss, Ariel Beck, Alkis Hilton, and Guy Paz run the company as directors and officers. The company is evidently operating two divisions:

  • Technology and services provider as well as an incubator for the brokerage industry
  • Investment firm and forex broker registered with CySEC with license no 160/11

The licensed investment firm Leverate has several CySEC-approved domains with www.18capitals.com, www.baselcapitalmarkets.com, www.baselcapitalmarkets.de, www.direktbroker-fx.de, www.fxpn.eu, www.beinmarkets.eu, or www.marcorix.com. The brands 18Capital and Marcorix seem not to be online at this point in time. BCM Basel Capital Markets, directbroker-FX, FXPN, and Bein Markets are online.

As a technology and services provider Leverate bills itself as a “premium broker solutions provider, dedicated to delivering a wide array of innovative solutions and services that enable Forex brokers and financial institutions to minimize risk and maximize broker’s profit.

The PumaTS Connection

One of Leverate‘s major customers or partners is the allegedly Bulgarian-registered company Marketing and Consulting Ltd which sells and operates the Leverate so as a white label broker platform under the brand name PumaTS. The analysis of the contracts shows that PumaTS is offered as a turn-key solution with direct access to the resources and products of Leverate. From the various subdomains and admin documents, it appears that the Leverate systems were directly integrated into the respective PumaTS installations.

The problem with PumaTS is that it has licensed the leverage system to dozens of scams. Financial market regulators in various jurisdictions have issued public investor warnings against many of these scams. Below is an excerpt from PumaTS‘ client list:




PrimeCoins Ideas in Motion Ltd primecoins.net
UBO: Fidanka Nedkova
TopTradePro Ideas in Motion Ltd toptradepro.comUBO: Fidanka Nedkova
BlizTrade Bellephoron Group Ltd bliztrade.com, blizfx.com
UBO: Kyriaki Hadjifilippou
SoloFX Pine Consulting Ltd solofx.com
10Crypto Kase Partnership LP 10crypto.io
UBO: Sabrina Bertocchi Campani
24CryptoPro Klipper Group Ltd 24cryptopro.io
UBO: Dima Zagumenyi
RogerFin Aegion Group Ltd rogerfin.com
UBO: Stavros Prodromou
Phoenexus Kato Holdings Ltd webplus.al/phoenexus
UBO: Mustafa Zeton
Cryptechs Wolar Holdings Ltd webplus.al/phoenexus.com/cryptechs
UBO: Rami Hildan
Ava Investments Pacific Consulting Co Ltd ava.investments
UBO: Kim Sukhonin, Yankova Nadka Georgieva, Andrei Skaleta
EuroStock24 CJ Consulting EOOD eurostock24.com
UBO: Sava Raskov Yordanov
WandaFX Eper Holdings Ltd, Bonvita Partners OÜ eurostock24.com
UBO: Sava Raskov Yordanov
CapoInvest Finance Group Activity Ltd capoinvest.com
UBO: Daniela Pekova Petkova
CapitalFMI Global ES Ltd capoinvest.com
UBO: Rafael Villegas Kovalevskaya
Nobel500 Global ES Ltd nobel500.com
UBO: Rafael Villegas Kovalevskaya
FMIatlas Juno Group Ltd fmiatlas.com
UBO: Julia Krasno
AMX24 Tarvida Industries LP amx24.com
UBO: Asmat Kvaratskhelia, Nikolajs Zaicevs
BlueOcean Lester Partners Ltd, Crypto1 Limited, Blue Ocean Limited blueocean.cc
CentroBanc Joshua Partners EOOD
Sucaba Enterprise Ltd
centrobanc.com, centrobancitaly.com
Cryptokartal Elmond Enterprise Ltd
Fukazawa Partnership OÜ Ltd
Gcg24 Global Consulting Group Ltd
FM Consulting Ltd
CCX Markets Online Media Solutions Ltd ccxmarkets.com
FXCryptoClub CapCorp Ltd fxcryptoclub.cc
TopInvestus Silverdale Holdings Ltd topinvestus.com
FXMarketPro Velmon Enterprise Ltd fxmarketpro.io
Melex Mentis Partnership OÜ melex.io
Swissaz Polis Systems Ltd swissaz.com
London Future Market A Corp Ltd londonfuturemarket.com
Nasdaq500 Empika Enterprise LTD nasdaq.com

Illegal Boiler Rooms

Typically the clients of PumaTS are offshore companies on St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and the Marshall Islands. Customers of the PumaTS clients’ brands are attacked by illegal boiler rooms in Georgia, Albania, Ukraine, Macedonia, and Kosovo. The names of the boiler room managers are known to us as are the ultimate beneficial owners of many of the PumaTS clients. Respective documents have been leaked by an insider who claims that PumaTS is a sort of cybercrime organization related to Leverate.

The Leverate role

At this time we cannot yet say with certainty to what extent the CySEC-regulated investment firm Leverate Financial Services Ltd is involved in the scam broker operation of PumaTS. We can, however, conclude that Leverate must have been aware of the scams and the related public warnings regarding the PumaTS clients issued by financial market regulators. This was also because the white label solutions were directly linked and/or API-integrated to the leverage systems such as LXCapital. In addition, as a regulated investment firm, Leverate must also have performed KYC/AML/CTF checks on PumaTS and its clients.

Will be continued. Stay tuned!

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