Statement Of Michael Mertens To Uwe Lenhoff, Bet90, Veltyco, And CryptoTec

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As of 25 January 2019, FinTelegram reported about the office raid in connection with Option888 fraud investigations of German authorities. A business relationship between the Cologne (German) entrepreneurs Uwe Lenhoff and Michael Mertens was also reported. This report was based on allegations by Uwe Lenhoff, who has since been arrested. As a matter of fact, Mr. Lenhoff had organized several meetings between Michael Mertens and potential business partners and presented himself as investor and partner of Michael Mertens and CryptoTec AG. As Werner Böhm – Managing Director of Fintelegram Ltd – was such a potential business partner, our report on the relations between Michael Mertens and Uwe Lenhoff is based on our own observations.

As a matter of fact, CryptoTec developed the sports betting terminals for Bet90, a company and brand developed by Uwe Lenhoff and VELTYCO. Werner BÖHM and his company BitRush GmbH had already developed a cryptowallet in 2016. Uwe LENHOFF arranged for this cryptowallet to also be used for the Bet90 sports betting terminals. At that time a partnership with NOVOMATIC was also considered together. Due to Werner Böhm’s refusal to cooperate with Uwe LENHOFF due to his questionable business practices (money laundering etc.), however, the partnerships described above never occurred.

In a personal conversation between FinTelegram and Michael Mertens that has now taken place, the allegations made by Uwe Lenhoff … that he is investor and business partner of CryptoTec … were identified by Michael Mertens as false statements by Uwe Lenhoff.

We attribute the fact that Mr. Mertens now distances himself so drastically from the person Uwe Lenhoff to the now publicly known massive allegations of fraud and the arrest of UWE LENHOFF.

In this respect, we are happy to respond to the request for a reply from Michael Mertens, CEO and founder of Cologne-based CrytoTec AG, to provide his view:

In the article dated 25.1.2019 it is claimed that Mr. Uwe Lenhoff has made investments in CryptoTec AG. This assertion is false. Mr. Lenhoff has never invested in CryptoTec AG. At no time did Mr. Lenhoff have a business relationship with CryptoTec AG. There was also no connection between CryptoTec AG and Bet90 Sports Ltd. It is true that Michael Mertens wrote for BAFIN, among others, but there has never been a business relationship between Michael Mertens or one of his companies and Mr. Lenhoff. Neither does CryptoTec AG exist or exist a business relationship with the other companies mentioned in your article.

It has been reported to FinTelegram by several whistleblowers and people close to Uwe Lenhoff and his network of companies, that he has been arrested for several counts of illegal activities. Lenhoff has been the founder and main shareholder of public-listed VELTYCO GROUP PLC. Moreover, Lenhoff responsible for VELTYCO’s business development. VELTYCO just recently announced that it will take legal steps against ALTAIR ENTERTAINMENT and CELESTIAL TRADING in the context of open invoices in the amount of some €10 million. Both companies are beneficially owned by Uwe Lenhoff as reported by FinTelegram.

Given VELTYCO’s financial issues, the arrest of its founder will not support the restructuring of the company by the board around Marcel NOORDELOOS. On the contrary.

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