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Request 4 Information – Has there been a new Israeli Wolf of Sofia?

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The old Wolf of Sofia, the Israeli Gal Barak, was arrested in Sofia in early 2019 and later extradited to Austria. Together with him, his wife Marina Barak (formerly known as Marina Andreeva) and more than 10 other Israeli citizens are suspected of having conducted investment scams through the Bulgarian cybercrime organization around E&G Bulgaria. Prosecutors allege that they have defrauded thousands of Europeans out of tens of millions of Euros. The old scam brands of the Wolf of Sofia are closed but the client-victim data, as well as the involved boiler room agents, were used for other scam brands after the arrest. Allegedly led by a new wolf of Sofia, the Israeli Tal Aharon. That’s what insiders say. We want to know more.

The old Wolf of Sofia

The old Wolf of Sofia operated vast broker scams such as XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, OptionStarsGlobal, Golden Markets or CryptoPoint (the “old schemes”). Barak and his accomplices are accused of running an international cybercrime organization that has spanned to the United States and Russia. The victims were mainly EU consumers and small investors.

After the arrest of Gal Barak, the boiler room resources and client-victim data were used for other scams, the Next-Generation Scams. While Gal Barak, the E&G Bulgaria perpetrators, and the “old schemes” will be indicted in Austria, the Next Generation Scams and their perpetrators will be charged and tried in Germany.

The new Wolf of Sofia or just another Israeli in Sofia?

The seized and analyzed data and interrogations of Gal Barak and his accomplices ultimately led to the Law Enforcement Action Day in early April 2020 with further arrests, tons of seized data and €2.5 million frozen money. This time the Next-Generation Scams Fibonetix, Forbslab, Nobel Trade or Trade Capital were in the focus of law enforcement. And also a suspected new Wolf of Sofia. One insider close to the case claims that the Israeli Tal Aharon is a sort of successor of Gal Barak and is behind these Next-Generation Scam brands. While we have no final confirmation whether or not Aharon is a beneficial owner and hence a prosecuted perpetrator behind the Next-Generation Scams, we do have supporting circumstantial evidence.

Tal Aharon (LinkedIn profile) is co-founder and CEO of the freshly squeezed ValoreTech in Israel. According to the company’s website (, ValoreTech is a digital marketing company and also offers SaaS platform solutions. You don’t learn much from the website and the chat doesn’t work. No imprint, no legal entity but an address in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Request 4 Information

We would like to learn more on the allegedly “new” Wolf of Sofia, ValoreTech and their network. Additionally, we would like to learn more about the victims of the next generation scam brands Fibonetix, Forbslab, Nobel Trade, or Trade Capital. In case you have pieces of information or heard rumors, we would be more than happy if you share them with us via our whistleblower system.

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