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Request 4 Information – M-Markets Broker Scam and PRVA Banka

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In the course of our many analyses of broker scams, we have repeatedly noticed payments to banks in Montenegro. Many cybercriminals and their respective schemes have maintained bank accounts there in recent years through various bogus companies. The hub of these illegal banking transactions was Dusko Knezevic‘s Atlas Banka. There, dozens of schemes had their bank accounts and received payments from their client victims. Following the collapse of Atlas Banka and the money laundering investigations, Montenegro has lost its importance as the money-laundering center of the international cybercrime scene.

Information on M-Markets Scheme Requested

We have recently received reports of victims through the broker Scam M-Markets ( This scam has through M-Markets Ltd. payments from customer victims to their bank account at the Montenegrin PRVA Banka in Podgorica. So far we have not learned much about M-Markets Ltd. The company is expected to be registered in Anguilla in 2015 and has links to the Israeli company M-Market Ltd.

After a first quick analysis, we can assume that M-Markets is mainly aimed at clients in the Arab region.

We have the account data and payment documents and have already contacted PRVA Banka.

Share Your Information

If you have any information about M-Markets and/or M-Markets Ltd and/or are a victim of this scam, please share this information with our FinTelegram Research Team. We would also like to know more about PRVA Banka and its involvement as a bank for scam operators. We would be grateful for any relevant information about our whistleblower system.

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