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Request For Information – Blue Trading and Onyx Capital

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FinTelegram has been approached by some people representing defrauded Blue Trading investors. Evidently, Blue Trading is an unregistered and illegally operating broker. The Financial Market Authority (FCA) in the UK issued a respective investor warning in September 2018 already. Blue Trading ceased operations on 24 February 2019. Allegedly because of flaws in the trading software. Blue Trading’s partner is an Onyx Capital. We want to help cheated Blue Trading investors through an EFRI Funds Recovery Campaign and seek additional information about backgrounds and individuals.

Blue Trading Closed Down

Blue trading closes down the operation because of malfunctioning software
Blue Trading announcement on its website

Other than the information we received directly from some victims, one can find a summary of the current situation on Dispatch Weekly and in a Google document here.

Payments And Wallets

The first research of people involved in the Blue Trading scam resulted in some uncovered wallet addresses with impressive amounts of crypto deposits:

We are looking for bank accounts where money was being transferred to fund clients accounts. Furthermore, we are looking for the people behind the Blue Trading broker scheme. Eventually, we would be interested to learn more about the purported software issues.

Our first research showed the German and Dutch banks have been used for bank wires. It seems that the Blue Trading scheme used the very same banks as the schemes of Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff. We are aware that those meanwhile arrested guys worked closely with the Russian Vladislav Smirnov. Onyx Capital, the purported partner of Blue Trading is a Russian crypto liquidity provider. That said, we assume that Blue Trading and Onyx Capital have at least the very same Germany-Israel-Russian connections. Furthermore, the first data analysis suggests that the payment services provider of those schemes are the very same and most probably of Russian provenance.

A Much Hyped Scheme

In 2018, the Blue Trading schemes was hyped in the crypto universe by some leading news outlets such as Bitcoinist or NewsBTC. The latter allegedly presented an “honest review” of Blue Trading. The article is no longer available on NewsBTC but can be found in Google cache.

File Your Claim And Information with EFRI

If you are a Blue Trading investor and/or you have information on this illegal broker and its partner Onyx Capital and/or the people behind the scheme we would be more than happy to receive your claim and/or information via our EFRI Campaign site:

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