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Request for Information – Bobby Gill, Robert Courtneidge and their HNW investment scheme

The UK lawyer and manager Robert Edmund Courtneidge is generally considered a FinTech expert. In addition, he obviously has a lot of expertise in the engineering of scam facilitating constructions and in money-laundering schemes. Until 2018 he worked in the London office of the US law firm Locke Lord. Between 2015 and 2016, one of his partners was the US lawyer Mark S. Scott. He was convicted of $400 million money laundering and bank fraud in connection with the crypto-scam OneCoin in November 2019 by a US jury. A lot of other money-laundering and investment schemes are connected with Robert Courtneidge. FinTelegram has already been researching on him over the last couple of months and again asks for more intel.

OneCoin money-laundering

In his trial, Scott testified before the court that his former colleague Robert Courtneidge would have been aware of Locke Lord‘s activities for OneCoin at the time. He presented corresponding emails in which, in addition to Scott and OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova, Courtneidge was also an addressee.

From Locke Lord to Moorwand

Another partner during Robert Courtneidge‘s time with Locke Lord was the UK solicitor Bobby Gill. In April 2018 Courtneidge became CEO of the FCA-licensed e-money service provider Moorwand Ltd. The company is well known in the international scammer scene. Looking into the UK Companies House or into OpenCorporates you will quickly find other notorious payment experts around Moorwand such as Alain Bazille or Wael Almaree.

Moorwand was also the FCA-registered operator of the payment platform UPayCard until April 2019. UPayCard and Moorwand have facilitated dozens of binary options and broker scams and hence supported scammers in defrauding tens of thousands of retail investors of dozens of million Euros.

Money-laundering with KBH Andelskasse

Moorwand, UPayCard, and Courtneidge together with his partner Wael Almaree were (are) again involved in the money laundering scandal surrounding the collapsed Danish KBH Andelskasse. Hundreds of millions of euros are said to have been laundered through KBH Andelskasse.

Moorwand, as a client of KBH Andelkasse, has triggered 480 money-laundering alerts in the bank’s IT system alone. Shortly before the bank was transferred to the state-owned Finansiel Stabilitet, millions of crowns are said to have been frozen in the accounts of Moorwand (Source:

AF Payments

Courtneidge is a very busy man. He is not only involved with Moorwand or KBH Andelskasse, but is also a director of another FCA-regulated e-Money Institution and MasterCard partner – AF Payments Limited where he was appointed as a Director in Feb 2015 and joined the Cypriot partner Guy El Khoury (see table below).

This Guy El Khoury, in turn, has a very interesting past. He is connected to the scandalous FBME Bank.

In 2014 the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) accused FBME of facilitating financial transactions for multinational organized crime organizations and Hezbollah. Bloomberg reported that the Russia-related investigation into FBME was connected to a flow of illegal Russian funds into the New York real estate market. The Central Bank of Cyprus revoked the branch license of FBME bank in Cyprus in 2015. The bank went into liquidation in 2017.

Khoury was working for years as the CEO of FBME Card Services Ltd (“FBMECS”) registered in Cyprus. As a matter of fact, it was this FBMECS that was at the center of the US FinCEN investigations and subsequent actions. The so-called “Kroll Report” actually raised many accusations in this context. Guy El Khoury and his role was elaborated in the report. He admitted that he at least knew about the miscoding of credit card transactions to conceal the true nature of the business, i.e. money-laundering.

Tribe Payments

Besides Moorwand and AF Payments, there is a third payment service provider in London in this network – Tribe Payments Ltd of Suresh Vaghiani, a British citizen. Until 2018, this Tribe Payments was controlled through WN International Group Ltd by Waele Almeera and the family of Moorwand founder Alain Bazille. Until October 2019, Tribe Payments has close connections to Denmark via its directors and shareholders. Jorgen Iversen, a Danish citizen, resigned in Feb 2019 after the KBH Andelskasse money-laundering scandal came up.

The involvement and/or development of that many payment providers makes sense if you have to launder money for scammers and or need to funnel money for rich people.

Troubles in Switzerland

It was only in March 2019 that Courtneidge’s buddy and partner Bobby Gill was ordered by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA to refrain from carrying out financial transactions without the appropriate authorization. The FINMA also ordered the liquidation of SwissPro Asset Management AG, one of the many vehicles of Courtneidge and Gill.

Attacking wealthy investors

Bobby Gill and Robert Courtneidge have jointly owned a number of companies which (see table below) which allegedly have been used to facilitate a big style investment scheme.

However, this scheme did not attack retail investors like the notorious Israeli broker and investment scams, but the rich (HNW – High Networth) and super-rich (UHNW Ultra High Networth). They are said to have ripped off about GBP 100 million with this scheme.

Key Data

Name/Entity/Brand Jurisdiction Description
GC Wealth Limited
prev. Gill & Courtneidge Wealth Limited
Company No: 06784497
UK Investment vehicle
GCW Funding Limited
Company No: 09204490
UK Feeder vehicle
GCW Funding (2) Limited
Company No: 09204491
UK Feeder vehicle
SwissPro Asset Management AG Limited
Company No: 10981559
UK Investment vehicle, dissolved in March 2019
SwissPro Asset Management AG in Liquadation
prev. SwissProFX AG
Company No: CH-
Switzerland Investment vehicle in liquidation ordered by FINMA
AF Payments Limited
Company No: 09356276
United Kingdom FCA-regulated e-money institution controlled by Robert Courtneidge and Guy El Khoury d/b/a Accomplish, MasterCard licensee
Accomplish Financial Limited
controlled by AF Enterprises Limited (BVI)
Company No: 08365035
United Kingdom financial services provider connected with AF Payments Ltd
Robert Courtneidge
Born: Sept 1969
UK Scheme’s beneficial owner and manager, director of Moorwand Ltd, UK solicitor
Bobby Gill
Born: Nov 1969
UK Scheme’s beneficial owner and manager, practising UK solicitor
Guy El Khoury
Born: July 1980
Cyprus Director and shareholder of AF Payments, former FBME Card Services CEO
Suresh Vaghjiani
Born: Oct 1975
UK Director and shareholder of Tribe Payments
Waele Almaree
Born: July 1986
UK Former beneficial owner of Moorwand and Tribe Payments
Alain Bazille
Born: Feb 1952
UK Former beneficial owner of Moorwand and Tribe Payments, connected with KBH Andelskasse

Request for information

The FinTelegram team has been working for months on the network around Moorwand, Bazille, Courtneidge, Almaree and their companies. They are involved in so many big-style schemes and money-laundering cases that it’s worth to dig further into their network. We ask our readers and valued whistleblowers to continue to provide information so that we can supply the regulatory authorities with a comprehensive report in the interest of the unsuspecting investors.

We would ask for additional information to complete our research into Robert Courtneidge’s network and his scam and money laundering network.

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