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Most Wanted Scam Perpetrators – The Israeli individuals behind StoxMarket, 4Cash, Broker Yard, and other scams

The two Israeli Chaim Elazar Bornstein and Mordechay Litke are the perpetrators behind some of the biggest binary options scams over the last couple of years such as KayaFX, StoxMarket, or Broker Yard. Typically, they acted via trustee companies. The Seychelle citizens Genevieve Magnan or Vanessa Payet acted as directors of Marketier Holdings Ltd or Profitier Ltd respectively.

Investor Warning – WDC Markets appears to be the successor to the KayaFX Broker Scams

We would like to thank our whistleblowers and EFRI members for the information regarding WDC Markets. EFRI, along with many victims, is following the KayaFX trail to discover the stolen funds and bring the perpetrators and their accomplices and facilitators to justice. The WDC Markets Scheme has been identified by EFRI members as one of the KayaFX successors schemes.

German Handelsblatt published a new report on Wirecard and the EFRI money-laundering complaint

Felix Holtermann and Christian Schnell of the German Handelsblatt reported on the money-laundering report filed against Wirecard by the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI). In a detailed article titled "The past catches up with Wirecard" the background of the global scam industry and the respective involvement of payment processors is explained.

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