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Posts tagged as “Moorwand”

Investor Warning – WDC Markets appears to be the successor to the KayaFX Broker Scams

We would like to thank our whistleblowers and EFRI members for the information regarding WDC Markets. EFRI, along with many victims, is following the KayaFX trail to discover the stolen funds and bring the perpetrators and their accomplices and facilitators to justice. The WDC Markets Scheme has been identified by EFRI members as one of the KayaFX successors schemes.

Moorwand Payment Scheme – Copenhagen Andelskasse charged with money laundering

The Danish Copenhagen Andelskasse (KBH Andelskasse), under the influence of Moorwand Ltd and its beneficial owners Alain Bazille, Robert Cortneidge, and Wael Almaree, is being charged with money laundering. FinTelegram has spoken with the responsible prosecutor in Denmark who confirmed the money laundering case.

Breaking News: Illicit payment services provider UPC Consulting applies for strike off with UK Companies House

Alain Bazille of the illegal payment services provider UPC Consulting Ltd applied for the company's strike off. This runaway attempt by one of the vast illegal payment service providers from the era of binary options and broker scams cannot go unnoticed in the interest of the many defrauded investors.

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