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The Belgrade Scam Pandemics – Tera Media and its ongoing attacks on European retail investors

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Belgrade used to be an epicenter of the European investment scam scene. Readers of FinTelegram know that Belgrade was and is a center of the binary options and broker scam. Thousands of Israelis have coordinated the attacks on small investors in Europe in the illegal boiler rooms. FinTelegram was informed by official Belgrade officials that in 2017 almost 7,000 Israeli citizens applied for and received work permits for Belgrade.

The new scam generation

In recent weeks, a new wave of broker scams has come up. FinTelegram recently reported about the new warnings of various financial market supervisory authorities around the scams Wealth Capital, Swiss Capital, Askobid, TradeoCenter, or First Capital and asked for further information.

In the post-Binary Options era, scam brokers are increasingly focusing on CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

See Request 4 Information here.

For many young and ambitious people in Belgrade the job in these call centers, who also like to sell themselves as “brokers” or “investment consultants”, was and is attractive. They earn above-average money there and have high social prestige as members of international (cybercrime) organizations. In this respect, it is not to be expected that the boiler rooms in Belgrade will be closed soon. Recently, however, the police in Belgrade, in close cooperation with EU law enforcement agencies, carried out several raids and arrested boiler room operators. There is hope!

Read more on the Law Enforcement actions in Serbia and Bulgaria

Tera Media again

It now seems certain that these new scams will also be at least partially covered by Boiler Rooms in Belgrade. The information available to FinTelegram refers to the already well-known Belgrade company Tera Media DOO around the Hungarian Zoltan Korcsog and the Ukrainian Iuliia Davydenko.

This Tera Media operates a huge call center near the Belgrade airport (an elegant term for illegal boiler rooms) and has looked after dozens of broker scams over the last years.

The Hungarian citizen Zoltan Korcsog acts as frontman of many scams and is closely connected with Israeli perpetrators. One of his accomplices is the Ukraine citizen Iuliia Davydenko. Both are heavily involved in the international network of companies behind the Belgrade Tera Media boiler room. They are closely connected to the Dutch scammers Floris Waals and Gaele de Graaf.

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