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The fact that people involved in reported investment schemes (understandably) try to put pressure or threaten FinTelegram because of reports is (officially) known and part of the business. Everything from death threats and slanders to anonymous direct mail and paid articles on news platforms has already happened. Now some people tried to put the co-founder and CEO of FinTelegram under pressure because of the project “BitRush Corp” in connection with COINTED and OPTIOMENT. The corresponding documentation is, of course, available to us. Against this background, we have put a summary of this project online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in this regard. In addition, we are pleased to announce a correspondingly detailed report in this context. Mr. Charli AHO, shareholder and manager of COINTED apparently tries through a journalist friend (we know her name) to create a mood against FinTelegram because of the reporting about COINTED and OPTIOMENT. Furthermore, AHO managed to have a paid article regarding BitRush on some cryptocurrency news platforms.

Fact is that Charli AHO had a consulting contract with the Canadian Bitrush Corp for several weeks, which was terminated by the company at the beginning of 2016 due to irregularities. As a consequence, AHO tried to retaliate with false statements to the police. He had to correct them at the request of the police. A criminal complaint in this regard was filed as well as a complaint of a co-shareholder of AHO. This has nothing to do with his COINTED activities, but distraction is obviously the strategy.

All statements in our report can be found on file and in part in the files of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStO). COINTED and its shareholders are currently confronted with an extensive investigation of possible investor fraud, embezzlement, violations of capital market law and other allegations. Investors and clients have filed lawsuits and criminal charges.

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