The Blockchain.com fraud campaign continues!

Blockchain fraud campaign continues
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We hear from more and more victims that they are contacted by people pretending to work for Blockchain.com. They inform victims that they supposedly have funds left in their account or wallet. In some cases, victims have lost money in binary options and CFD scams like LeaderFX in the past. This is what the alleged Blockchain.com employees know and work with. So, we can assume that the scam victims’ data is being traded here. In this respect, scammers are trying to rip off scam victims once again. Do not fall for it.

The purported Blockchain.com saviors also tell their victims that their losses with these brands at the time are actually not gone but would have multiplied through returns and interest. Of course, this sounds tempting for the victims. The scammers sometimes also instruct the potential victims to open new wallets at Binance or CoinDeck in order to process the repayment.

We have just recently warned about JoyTrust scammers working with the Blockchain.com scam fraud campaign. In fact, this campaign is likely not to be restricted to the JoyTrust scammers but operated by many scams. We also have information that the emails sent to victims mention, for example, CySEC-regulated Notesco Financial Services Limited as the sender of these fraud emails. Notesco, regulated by CySEC under license number 125/10, operates the broker IronFX (www.ironfx.eu). We currently have no information if and how Notesco is involved in these actions.

Please do not fall for this Blockchain.com scam campaign. Turn on your mind and forget about your greed and loss.

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