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Update May 24, 2018

Robert VELGHE got in contact with us yesterday and promised to come up with some news and evidence that should prove that OMNIA TECH has not collapsed yet. Furthermore, he informed us that the ISLAM brothers were “suspended” because they “had control of the old Backoffice and habe stolen Omnia a lot of Money.”

We are waiting for the information, will do an tinterview and continue our reporting then.

Dead Cats bounce back they say!

FinTelegram readers already had an idea about the lethal issues around the Crypto-MLM OMNIA TECH. Looking back, the issues became public late in 2017 with the departure of the then-CEO Christian Michel SCHEIBENER (profile) who set up his own crypto-venture NEXUS GLOBAL.

The German MLM veteran and network marketing artist SCHEIBENER left and the “flashy” ISLAM brothers, Monir and Moyn, joined Robert VELGHE and his OMNIA TECH. And, wow, these ISLAM brothers have an illustrious track record in the Crypto-MLM scene.

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The Stage is yours ISLAM brothers!

Monir and Moyn Islam
The famous ISLAM brothers joined OMNIA TECH

The “flashy”  ISLAM brothers (read this article) are a sort of celebrities or superstars, the “Brad Pitts” of the network marketing scene. Monir and Moyn ISLAM used to be the top promoters of the super-dodgy Bulgarian ONELIFE scheme with its ONECOIN. According to some reports, Monir and Moyn ISLAM built a team of 31,000 ONELIFE distributors and earned millions of dollars with the scheme which they left in 2017.

The famous ISLAM brothers joined OMNIA TECH and heavily promoted this crypto-mining scheme. They promoted OMNIA TECH as a Genesis partner which is at least questionable. Genesis Mining, one of the largest cloud mining companies worldwide, denied having a partnership with OMNIA TECH. It seems that OMNIA TECH was just a regular customer with Genesis buying mining capacity in their huge mining facilities. Everybody and their dog can do this. This nothing special.

The Austrian citizen Robert VELHGE, founder of OMNIA TECH, has excellent contacts into the German-speaking crypto-scene. In 2017, he and his then-CEO SCHEIBENER allegedly got in contact with the Austrian crypto-venture COINTED and its founder Christoph RIEDER, for example, to discuss a cooperation regarding payment transactions. It’s worth noticing that RIEDER is one of the suspects in the criminal case around the collapsed OPTIOMENT scheme. It’s a small crypto-planet, isn’t it?

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The Almost-Billion Dollar Collapse!

Robert Velghe and Serzh Sargsyan celebrate the OMNI TECH Mining Deal in Armenia
Robert VELGHE (left) almost had a 2-billion dollar deal for OMNIA TECH

OMNIA TECH prided itself to have mining facilities in Armenia with extremely low energy costs. This was enabled because of a close personal relationship between Robert VELGHR and the former Armenian prime minister Serzh SARGSYAN. Unfortunately, the Armenian prime minister had to resign from his job after large-scale protests in April 2018 which was regarded as a serious setback for OMNIA TECH. The company intended to establish the world’s biggest crypto-mining farm in Armenia. In the first two years of the project, US$2 billion was planned to be invested.

We are going to establish the biggest production of cryptocurrency in the world with more than 150,000 machines for producing bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies,” co-founder of Omnia Tech Robert VELGHE said.

This was just a few weeks ago and simply sounded “wow!” and “super-wow!”, right? And now, the show seems to be over. Not only is the Armenian prime minister gone but also the ISLAM brothers. Really, you may ask. What happened?

The Final Curtain?

Robert VELGHE - sorry OMNIIA TECH no longer is
Robert VELGHE – founder and RIP manager of OMNIA TECH

As a matter of fact, the new OMNIA TECH website is no longer online and was supended by the provider.  Usually, a clear evidence for a collapse, I guess.

Yesterday, we have been informed by an insider that the ISLAM brothers plan to leave OMNIA TECH and will file a lawsuit against the company and Robert VELGHE to claim US$20 million. They sent a long Email to their distributors explaining the messy situation in great detail and suggested to make a class action against OMNIA TECH. We received a copy of the Email and have no doubt to doubt its authenticity.

In the Email we received from the OMNIA TECH distributor, a lot of severe allegations were raised against Robert VELGHE and his team. The whistleblower claims to have evidence for the unlawful behavior of Robert VELGHE and also evidence for big-style money laundering with the Austrian partners. The whistleblower writes about hundreds of million dollars damage and the biggest fraud ever. Given the ingredients of the OMNIA TECH case, this doesn’t seem to be an unrealistic claim.

Currently, we are digging further into the case and we kindly ask for your support. If you have any information regarding the OMNIA TECH case, please let us know via our Whistleblower form. For now, you should be highly alerted and stay away from OMNIA TECH.

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