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The PayTech Book for investors, entrepreneurs, and FinTech visionaries – co-edited by ‘FinTech Guru’ Robert Courtneidge

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UK solicitor Robert Courtneidge is certainly an expert on FinTech and PayTech. He has built up a reputation as a “FinTech guru” over the past few years by speaking at many FinTech events. In fact, Robert Courtneidge has acted as an officer for different FinTechs, e-Money Institutions, and financial services providers, which are prosecuted by regulators and law enforcement.

  • He used to be a director in the FCA-regulated EMIs Moorwand Ltd (formerly operating as UPayCard) and ePayments Systems Ltd. The bank accounts of the latter has been seized in the course of an FCA-triggered money-laundering investigation. Courtneider resigned in both companies in February and March 2020 respectively (read more here on FinTelegram)
  • Moorwand Ltd is affiliated with the Danish KBH Andelskasse, which collapsed in 2018 due to a money-laundering scandal. Robert Courtneidge was also active there as an executive (read more here on FinTelegram)
  • Investors of the collapsed Cyprus-based Anabus investment scheme have filed lawsuits against its actors claiming the Courtneidge issued fake confirmations and fake opinions (read more here on FinTelegram)

Apparently Robert Courtneidge used his experience as an editor to publish The PayTech Book – The Payment Technology Book for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Fintech Visionaries together with Markos Zachariadis and Tony Craddock. The book is positioned as the first crowdsourced book globally on the future of payments written by PayTech actors. More than 148 authors from 30 countries submitted 168 abstracts to be part of the book, one learns.

One thing is undisputed. Courtneidge, in his capacity as a solicitor, consultant and FinTech entrepreneur, has enough experience with both the bright and dark sides of the FinTech universe. In this respect, the book can probably be described as authentic.

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