Update BridgerPay – VISA ISO with Amir Turgeman

BridgerPay and Bridger AI are registered as ISO with Visa
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A few months ago, we talked to Ran Cohen about the scams in which his BridgerPay was found to be a facilitator. At the time, he argued that his BridgerPay merely provides the gateway to route transactions and is not directly involved with the merchants or the credit card networks. In fact, the Visa Service Directory shows that Bridger AI Limited operates as an ISO for high-risk merchants. This apparently appealed to Amir Turgeman, an Israeli investor living in Cyprus. He acquired a 20% stake in Bridger AI Limited.

BridgerPay investor Amir Turgeman

In Cyprus, Amir Turgeman is considered a respected and discreet investor with experience in forex. He is also the managing director and beneficial owner of Opticlicks Limited (www.opticlicks.com.cy), among others. Turgeman, who likes to move around in a Maybach with a chauffeur, has his offices in Limassol near the marina. Hence the nice background picture on his LinkedIn profile. Turgeman is the second-largest investor in BridgerPay.

Currently, Ran Cohen and his partner Nati Harpaz are amid a new fundraising round. Allegedly, talks are underway with the South Israel Bridge Fund (SIFR) of former Mossad boss Tamir Pardo. Please read the FinTelegram report here. This new investor might be an interesting addition to Amir Turgeman.

By the way, the point about being registered as an ISO with Visa is important concerning BridgerPay‘s scam facilitation. As an ISO, BridgerPay is subject to both AML/KYC guidelines and Visa’s requirements. Thus, any facilitation of a scam is a legal as well as a regulatory violation. And that list of violations is very long at BridgerPay.


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