Urgent warning against crypto broker Keler Group promoted by YuanPay fraud campaign!

investor warning against crypto broker Keler Group
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Today’s fraudulent YuanPay crypto campaign promoted the crypto broker scam Keler Group (www.kelergroup.com). Those who register with the campaign because they want to invest in the fake Yuan cryptocurrency are automatically redirected to the payment page of the Keler Group scam. There, one is urged to make deposits in USDT, which have to be purchased with credit cards via the Bulgarian AllCoinSwapper and the licensed Estonian crypto payment processor Mercuryo.

Key data

Trading nameKeler Group
Legal entityDasilion EOOD
Promoted byYuanPay fraud campaign
Payment facilitatorsAllCoinSwapper (www.allcoinswapper.com)
mercuryo (www.mercuryo.io)

The scam narrative

Keler Group presents itself as a “boutique” crypto trader. The website does not provide any information about the operators. Neither companies nor persons are mentioned; however, an address in Geneva, Switzerland, is mentioned. Victims can make deposits only via Tether stablecoin (USDT).

For this purpose, the potential victims have to buy the Tether with a credit card. For the purchase, Keler Group redirects victims to the crypto exchange AllCoinSwapper website (https://crm.allcoinswapper.com). The actual purchase is processed through the licensed Estonian Mercuryo integrated into AllCoinSwapper via API. Bulgaria’s Dasilion EOOD in Sofia operates AllCoinSwapper, and Estonia’s MoneySwap OÜ operates mercury together with Canada’s Moneymaple Tech Ltd.

We suspect that the same people run AllCoinSwapper and Keler Group in Bulgaria. The source code of the websites suggests that hypothesis.

No chargeback

Customers who buy Tether this way with their credit card have no chargeback option. They have officially purchased cryptocurrencies through mercuryo with their credit card. There is no connection to the Keler Group scam recognizable for banks and credit card companies. Your money is gone for good.

Stay far away from YuanPay and Keler Group scam. Save yourself financial losses and the theft and misuse of your data.

Share information

If you have any information about Keler Group, AllCoinSwapper, or mercuryo, please share it with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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