Urgent Warning Against Illegal Gambling Site RichKing Casino Facilitated By PayOp, PayDo, And Coinspaid!

Warning against illegal gambling provider RichKing Casino
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Currently, the online gambling and casino site RichKing Casino acquires customers in Germany and other countries in the EEA region. The website does not list any legal entity as its operator and does not have any license in Germany or any other EEA country that we know of. The activities of RichKing Casino, therefore, qualify as illegal. We have discovered PayOp, PayDo, CoinsPaid, and PunRun Limited as payment facilitators. They are integrated into the Praxis payment gateway.

Key Data

Trading nameRichKing Casino
Business activityOnline casino, gambling and
sports betting
Legal entityPunRun Limited, Cyprus
Payment processorsPraxis, CoinsPaid, PunRun
PayOp, PayDo
Related brands18bet (www.18bet.com)
Delasport (www.delasport.com)

Short Narrative

CoinsPaid and PunRun facilitate RichKing Casino

RichKing Casino‘s customers can also make deposits with cryptocurrencies settled through CoinsPaid or PunRun Limited, which is registered in Cyprus. So, we may conclude that PunRun Limited is an affiliated company of RichKing Casino.

Deposits are possible without prior KYC or email confirmation.

There are numerous warnings about RichKing Casino on the Internet. Please stay far away.

Payment Facilitators

It should also be noted that participating payment processors, including Praxis, qualify as contributors with their support of illegal activities.

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If you have any information about RichKing Casino, its operators, and its facilitators, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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