Veltyco and the Lawsuit of Dirk-Jan Bakker: The Welcome Resurrection of a Cold Case!

Veltyco Case reopened with lawsuit of Dirk-Jan Bakker
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Veltyco was a cold cybercrime case. Suspected German cybercrime mastermind Uwe Lenhoff was arrested at his vacation resort in the Austrian Tyrol at the beginning of 2019 after extensive investigations by Austrian and German authorities. He Lenhoff was found dead in his cell in Germany in the summer of 2020. Cause of death unknown. His partner in the Veltyco Group was the Amsterdam real estate investor Dirk-Jan Bakker. He is now suing FinTelegram; thus, the Veltyco Case has to be re-opened.

RIP Uwe Lenhoff

Lenhoff’s death was certainly not inconvenient for Bakker and others. It prevented annoying legal proceedings and unpleasant questions. The fact was that the Veltyco Group (formerly Velox3 PLC), registered on the Isle of Man, was set up by Lenhoff and Bakker by way of a reverse takeover and floated on the London Stock Exchange. The prospectus states that the Veltyco Group operated the binary options platform Option888, which was later exposed as a huge online scam.

Bakker, for example, claims to have known nothing about this binary options scheme. Reports by FinTelegram in this regard would, therefore, be false and defamatory. How can an experienced investor not know the contents of his own prospectus even though the term “Option888” appears 21 times?

Download the Veltyco prospectus here.

This is just one of Bakker’s allegations in his complaint that we will refute.

We will report on this interesting cause and hopefully be able to close the chapter on Veltyco Group (now Bet90 Holdings PLC) in this way. Ultimately, this fraud scheme has defrauded tens of thousands of victims of many millions via scams such as Option888, ZoomTrader (ZoomTraderGlobal), or LottoPalace. Therefore, the re-opening of the Veltyco Case is also in the interests of these victims.

When FinTelegram asked Bakker about the victims after Lenhoff’s arrest and wanted to know what he would do to compensate them, Bakker said that he wouldn’t do anything. That would be too exhausting for him and not part of his lifestyle plan.

Call for Whistleblower Information

In our ongoing commitment to uncovering the truth and ensuring justice for victims of financial cybercrimes, we urge anyone with information related to the Veltyco Case, the partnership between Uwe Lenhoff and Dirk-Jan Bakker, or any related fraudulent activities to come forward. Your courage to speak up can significantly impact our collective fight against cybercrime. Please get in touch with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42. Together, we can shed light on these dark corners of the cyberfinance world and pave the way for accountability and reform.

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