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In May 2019 FinTelegram uncovered that the Indian payment processor Paymentz facilitated the huge Zoo Broker Scam Network. Paymentz is a part of the Transactworld Group of the Indian brothers Anupam Vassa and Amoolya Vassa. This group operates with several legal entities across different jurisdictions The UK entity Transactworld Limited is an FCA-authorized E-Money Institution, and the Cyprus-based Transactworld Limited is an agent of GlobalNetint UAB d/b/a payswix, an EMI regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. We would like to learn more about this network.

Key Data

Trading nameTransactworld
Business activitiesE-Money Institution
Payment agent
Legal entitiesTransactworld Limited, United Kingdom
Transactworld Limited, Cyprus
Payment Gateway Solutions Pvt. Ltd, India
Related individualsAnupam Vassa (LinkedIn)
Amoolya Vassa (LinkedIn)
Mubashir Patel (LinkedIn)
Raj Agarwal (LinkedIn)
Minesh Vaishali Mehta
Hima Shah
RegulatorsFCA, Bank of Lithuania
Connected toGlobalNetint UAB d/b/a payswix

Short Narrative

The Transactworld Group works across several online platforms with the same logo (see Anupam Vassa‘s LinkedIn page). Transactworld Limited has been authorized by the FCA under reference number 900405 as an e-money institution (EMI) since March 2018. The company operates the Transactworld (www.transactworld.co.uk) and works with several agents:

While the FCA-regulated Transactworld Limited used to be a client of the Lithuanian-regulated GlobalNetint UAB, the unregulated Cypriot Transactworld Limited operates the website www.transactworld.com as an authorized agent (intermediary) for the regulated Lithuanian GlobalNetint UAB d/b/a payswix since June 2019.

The unregulated Indian Paymentz Gateway Solutions Pvt. Ltd. operates its website with the triangle logo under the domain www.paymentz.com. All three websites are basically more or less identical.

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If you have any information about the Paymentz Group, the acting persons, partners, and customers, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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