Whistleblower Request: Urgent Information Needed on The Secretive $395-Billion Vistra Group

The Vistra Network around Dirk-Jan Bakker
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We are calling on whistleblowers to provide crucial information about the Vistra Group, a global corporate services provider and wealth manager with extensive and opaque connections. The lack of transparency about its beneficial owners and some connections result in questions. The website states that the Vistra Group, to which Vistra (Malta) belongs, has over 200,000 legal entities and assets of $395 billion under management. Who are the owners of this corporate services giant?

Key Data Vistra

Trading nameVistra
Business activityCorporate Services
Marine & Aviation Services,
Immigration Services
Real Estate Services
Social mediaLinkedIn
JurisdictionsMalta and others
Related entitiesVistra Holdings S.à r.l.
Vistra Group Holdings S.A.
Vistra Group Management SA
Vistra (Malta) Limited
Vistra (Curacao) N.V.
Vistra (Amsterdam) B.V.
Related individualsDirk-Jan Bakker (2016)
Simon Webster: CEO
Kim Jenkins: COO
Dominique Cerutti: Chairman
Alistair Schembri: Country Manager for Vistra (Malta) Limited since 2010
Gerard Jan van Spall

The Ownership Mystery

Read the forensic report on Vistra (Malta) here.

In 2014, the Dutch real estate investor Bakker entered into extensive cooperation with the German online gambling veteran Uwe Lenhoff and acquired a 40% stake in his Sheltyco Enterprise Group Ltd. Bakker then also became a director of Lenhoff’s vehicle in 2015. Investigations by law enforcement agencies revealed that Lenhoff’s Sheltyco was the vehicle he directed his cybercrime activities.

This Sheltyco was taken over in 2016, prepared by Bakker, from Velox3, which he apparently controlled and whose shares were listed on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange. With this reverse takeover, Velox3 was renamed the Veltyco Group. Vistra (Malta) Limited played an interesting role in this.

Vistra Group with Jan-Dirk Bakker und Uwe Lenhoff

In the respective prospectus filed in June 2016, Dirk-Jan Bakker, a Dutch real estate investor, was listed as the sole beneficial owner of Vistra (Malta) Limited, a member of the Vistra Group. This Vistra (Malta), controlled by Bakker, became one of the big shareholders of Veltyco. Make no mistake, Vistra (Malta) is a huge scheme. If you are trying to explore it on Offshore Leaks, you are informed that it has 324 entities connected to it. Too much to make to display a useful graph.

This was then. However, the current beneficial owners of the Vistra Group and Vistra (Malta) remain undisclosed.

Download the Veltyco Group prospectus here.

Not only did Vistra (Malta) become one of the big shareholders of Veltyco. The Vistra Group also provided facilitating services for Lenhoff and his cybercrime organization. Via its branch in Curacao, it founded and operates Altair Entertainment N.V., for example. This Altair Entertainment was, in turn, one of the most important legal entities for the operation of various Lenhoff scams.

Download the Vistra Engagement letter for Altair Entertainment here.

Vistra Malta established Payific for Uwe Lenhoff

Vistra (Malta) Limited, beneficially owned by Bakker, is a service provider regulated by the Maltese MFSA to act as trustee or co-trustee, as administrator of private foundations, and to provide fiduciary services. According to the findings of the law enforcement authorities, Vistra (Malta) founded Payific Ltd for Lenhoff in 2014. The criminal files (see screenshot) explicitly mention Alistair Schembri and Gerard Jan van Spall as the founders. Lenhoff, in turn, laundered the victims’ deposits via Payific.

Vistra Group is offering a range of services, including incorporation and management of offshore entities, real estate, yachts, and immigration services. A search on Offshore Leaks reveals an overwhelming number of connections, highlighting Vistra‘s vast network. We would like to learn more about their activities.

According to its website, the Vistra Group allegedly manages over 200,000 legal entities and $395 billion in assets.

Cybercrime Connections

Vistra was a shareholder in Veltyco Group

In 2019, Lenhoff was arrested as the head of a global cybercrime organization. Altair Entertainment N.V. was involved in scams like LottoPalace, with Veltyco Group PLC, a company tied to Bakker, acting as the front end of these operations.

In its very essence, the business model of Veltyco Group consisted of deploying marketing campaigns to acquire victims for Lenhoff’s scams, such as Option888 or LottoPalace. In return, Veltyco was to receive commissions from the victims’ deposits. A business model that was therefore based on cybercrime facilitation.

In 2024, the former non-executive director and then third largest shareholder of Veltyco, the Israeli Ilan Tzorya, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his involvement in this cybercrime organization. Tzorya has appealed, which is why this conviction is not yet final.

Law enforcement authorities have meticulously investigated these connections between Lenhoff, Bakker, and the Vistra Group.

Our Request:

We urgently seek information on the current beneficial owners of the Vistra Group. We are appealing to whistleblowers with relevant insights to come forward. Your information could be critical in unraveling the true nature of Vistra’s operations and ensuring accountability.

Please contact us with any information that can shed light on the Vistra Group‘s ownership and activities. Your anonymity and safety are our top priorities.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this vital matter.

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